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The COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia requires teachers and students to perform learning activities online. Meanwhile, teachers use a variety of technology products in the classroom without paying attention to the didactic, pedagogical, and content aspects. This is due to time constraints and short learning adjustments that should be flexible to this pandemic. Therefore, this research provides an alternative by exploring the potential of augmented reality as a didactic and pedagogical source in learning geometry. An exploratory case study design was used to reveal this potential, while three mathematics teachers and twenty-six students from three schools in Indramayu Regency, Indonesia, participated in the research. Data from observations and documentation were checked, extracted, entered verbatim, and coded. The results of the interview data were analyzed using the content analysis method, while those from the geometry understanding test and student response questionnaires used descriptive analysis. Consequently, the research results showed that augmented reality was useful as an alternative didactic and pedagogical source of learning geometry during the COVID-19 pandemic. This conclusion was based on the reason, first characteristically augmented reality technology can be integrated with textbooks or certain learning methods. Second, the results of the geometry understanding test showed that there were more students who answered the questions correctly than the students who answered incorrectly. Third, the results of questionnaires and interviews showed that students had a positive attitude during the geometry learning process. Therefore, the researcher believes that the use of augmented reality is worthy of being an alternative didactic and pedagogical source and has the potential to be applied to other subjects both during the COVID-19 pandemic and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Durian is a seasonal tropical fruit from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) and has a strong smell and distinctive taste. The constraints on marketing fresh durian are minimal due to the shelf life of 2-5 days at ambient temperature. Therefore, the processing of fresh durian fruit into a dry whole is more necessary because of several advantages, including reduced transportation costs, practical consumption, and product stability against microorganisms. This study aimed to develop the dried durian products, which were obtained at different times, i.e., 30 and 36 h, using a laboratory-scale freeze-dryer and investigating the changes of physicochemical and sensory properties of freeze-dried durian products. The results showed that the freeze-drying processes of durian fruit were successfully done at 30 and 36 h (vacuum pressure 0.04 mbar, at – 55°C). The moisture content of both dried products was not significantly different, about 10 %. The freeze-dried durian of 30 hours had a higher hardness level (1165 g) than those from 36 hours (931.7 g). The L* (brightness), a* (redness), and b* (yellowness) of both dried durian products were not significantly different. The dried particle of both dried durian products had a uniform and porous structure due to the small ice crystal sublimated. The sensory score for color, aroma, and taste was not significantly for freeze-dried durian 30 and 36 h. However, panelists scored overall acceptance of 36 h sample higher than those from 30 hours. This higher score revealed that 36 h freeze-dried durian preferred than 30 h sample.
Abstract Dairy product can be process into ready to drink or ready to serve. Dairy product that needs to be dissolved first usually powdered by drying. The drying method could be done using the vacuum Drying Method. This study used a 3x3 factorial design in a randomized block design which consisted of 2 factors, namely factor T (sea flower powder concentration) which consisted of 3 levels, namely t1: 0.2%, t: 0.3%, and t3: 0.4%, dan factor P (variation of drying temperature) which consisted of 3 levels, namely p1: 50 °C, p2: 60 °C and p4: 70 °C. The responses tested in this study were chemical responses including water content, antioxidant activity, pH. Physical responses include dissolution time, insoluble, hygroscopicity, L* a* b* color intensity, yield amount, and viscosity. Organoleptic responses include color, aroma, taste, and viscosity. The effect of different sea flower powder concentration affects the antioxidant activity, pH, and color intensity. The variation of drying temperature affects the water content, dissolution time, insoluble, hygroscopicity, and color intensity. The interaction between sea flower powder concentration and variation of drying temperature affects the antioxidant activity and color intensity.
The micro potato chip business of Service Partners requires efforts to improve and improve several conditions that are still considered to be obstacles to their business activities. More specifically, the problems found in Partners from this service activity relate to the following matters: 1). There needs to be additions to product variants made from potato, so product development is needed that can increase the variety of products that can be sold by partners. Where this can encourage an increase in the number of products that can be marketed or sold by Partners, 2). Layout in the production room, especially in the area where the cleaning/washing area for potato chips raw material is still in the same area as the bathroom and toilet, 3). It is necessary to facilitate the manufacture of brand designs and printing of brand designs that have been designed to be displayed on product packaging, so that the appearance of the packaging is more attractive and differentiates it from similar products. The implementation of the service is carried out through several forms of activities, namely facilitation, counseling and training, in accordance with the criteria for problems that must be resolved by the activity Implementation Team.
Abstract This study aims to determine the effect of variations in drying temperature and concentration of green spinach juice (Amaranthus hybridus l) on spinach milk powder using a rotary vacuum machine. This study uses the research design method used is a factorial randomized block design with 2 repetitions. The treatment design carried out in this study consisted of two factors, namely the drying temperature (T) consisting of 3 levels. The rotary vacuum drying method produces the best characteristics with a moisture content of 2.21%, chlorophyll content of 7.65 mg/l, antioxidant activity of 2024.22 ppm. The results of the best physical analysis were 31.50 seconds of dissolution time, 14.95% yield, 80.18% solubility, 11.35% hygroscopicity, 18.11 Cp viscosity, color intensity L* 63.21, color -a* 7, 00, color b* 26.68.
This study focused on increasing firm value through CSR- and profitability-moderated investment decisions in emerging markets. A panel data analysis method was used for this study with a total of 215 observations of non-financial sector companies on the Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2018 to 2020. The results of the Chow test and the Hausman test showed that the fixed effect model with GLS was the most feasible. The model showed that there was a negative effect of investment decisions on firm value and the role of CSR and profitability strengthened this effect. Based on the results of the robustness check, the research model remained consistent with the results of previous studies. Investment decisions have a negative effect on firm value, and CSR and profitability moderate this effect, either when using other control variables or when using a different estimation model, which in this case was quantile regression. Our findings provide an understanding of the fact that investment decisions are important financial decisions for companies and that they can be controlled through good fund management and risk management.
This research analyzes the economic policy strategy for human resource development for the regional house of representative members in Bandung Regency. The method applied is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The results illustrate that the role of the members of DPRD in Bandung Regency has been carried out according to their primary duties and functions. The positive impact of economic policy is enough to develop human resources for more qualified and competent representatives of the people. Several economic policy strategies have been produced in the form of regional regulations on equity participation in BPR and BJB, non-permanent revolving funds, and food security. The conclusion obtained is that the achievement of the duties and functions of the members of the Regional People's Representative Council in Bandung Regency can be performed if there is a strategic policy that can develop their resources.
Normality Test is a test conducted to assess the distribution of data in groups of data or variables, whether the data distribution is normally distributed or not. Based on the empirical experience of some statisticians, the amount of data is more than 30 numbers (n>30), so it can be assumsed that the distribution is normal. Usually said to be a large sample.
In the present study, the effects of human physiological activity levels on the fatigue life of a porous magnesium scaffold have been investigated. First, the dynamic immersion and biomechanical testing are carried out on a porous magnesium scaffold to simulate the physiological conditions. Then, a numerical data analysis and computer simulations predict the implant failure values. A 3D CAD bone scaffold model was used to predict the implant fatigue, based on the micro-tomographic images. This study uses a simulation of solid mechanics and fatigue, based on daily physiological activities, which include walking, running, and climbing stairs, with strains reaching 1000–3500 µm/mm. The porous magnesium scaffold with a porosity of 41% was put through immersion tests for 24, 48, and 72 h in a typical simulated body fluid. Longer immersion times resulted in increased fatigue, with cycles of failure (Nf) observed to decrease from 4.508 × 1022 to 2.286 × 1011 (1.9 × 1011 fold decrease) after 72 hours of immersion with a loading rate of 1000 µm/mm. Activities played an essential role in the rate of implant fatigue, such as demonstrated by the 1.1 × 105 fold increase in the Nf of walking versus stair climbing at 7.603 × 1011 versus 6.858 × 105, respectively. The dynamic immersion tests could establish data on activity levels when an implant fails over time. This information could provide a basis for more robust future implant designs.
Contact mechanics is the study of the behavior of solids when they come into contact at one or more points. Contact mechanics research allows for the investigation of tribology, contact stiffness, electrical contact resistance, and indentation hardness. This understanding is required for the safe and efficient design of technological systems. One of the main interesting research observations is the study of contact mechanics behavior between two brass hemisphere with different diameter ratios and friction coefficients, which subsequently becomes the subject of this study. For this study, seven diameter ratios ranging from one- to seven-folds were compared using friction coefficients of 0.05, 0.1, 0.4, and 0.8. Both experiments and simulations were performed to investigate the behavior of the contact mechanics. The experiments and simulation were designed to investigate the effect of friction coefficient and diameter ratio on Von-Misses in the loading process and deformation. The results of the finite element method simulations µ = 0 and lubricated condition experiments are coherent between each other. As a result, it is proven that the coefficient of friction has influenced the unloading deformation and von Mises stress distribution. However, the impact on the deformation ratio with a coefficient of friction from 0.05 to 0.8 does not show a significant difference. The distribution of von Mises stress on diameter ratio 1 showed similar results between the two specimens. Specimen 2 had a wider von Mises stress distribution than specimen 1 at a higher diameter ratio. From diameter ratio 3 to diameter ratio 7, there is a highly localized stress at the edge of the contact area. This region is caused by shear stress as a result of the middle material pushing the surrounding material sideways. When the friction coefficient is increased, the localized stress area decreases, which indicates that the resultant load given is reduced.
The demand for Muslim women's clothing is getting higher, it is clear the Muslim fashion industry is starting to develop in several countries in the world. Consumers can get Muslimah fashion products easily through online media such as E-Commerce and Social Media. Therefore, this study aims to find reasons for consumers to buy Muslim fashion products. The study's focus is on people who buy Muslimah online fashion products in Indonesia as many as 242 consumers. The sampling method allows use of purposive sampling. Resources come from primary and secondary data. SEM (Structural Equation Model) data analysis blended with validity and reliability test resistance, Structural Model Evaluation, God of Fit, R-Squre and Hypothesis Testing via use of SmartPLS. The results show that product quality and trust can encourage loyalty, but Brand Ambassador does not make consumers loyal. Product quality and brand ambassadors are also reasons why consumers buy Muslim fashion products in e-commerce and social media, except for trust and loyalty to products which are the reasons consumers make purchases. Meanwhile, loyalty can be a driver between products' quality and purchasers' decisions. However, loyalty is not able to bridge between trust and purchase decisions, so loyalty is not considered important because if consumers already believe they will automatically buy. Brand ambassadors are also helped by the role of consumer loyalty to improve purchasing decisions.
Tujuan penelitian yaitu mengembangkan model pembelajaran service learning berbantuan web based geotagging untuk meningkatkan efektivitas blended learning pada bimbel yang di kelola mahasiswa, atau guru. Penelitian menggunakan metode R&D dilaksanakan empat tahap, yaitu studi pendahuluan, perencanaan, pengembangan dan uji coba. Validasi pakar dinyatakan valid dengan skor rata-rata ≥ 4,0. Ujicoba terbatas menujukan hasil mahasiswa dan guru bimbel dapat membuat vendor dengan model service learning berbantuan web based geotagging yang di kembangkan. Namun, perlu ada perbaikan dalam keterbacaan mengakses guru terdekat, perbaikan ini selanjutnya dilakukan revisi. Ujicoba lapangan bersama mitra menujukkan hasil revisi pada uji coba terbatas yang sudah di perbaiki, selanjutnya di terapkan kepada mitra SMK Pasundan 3 Kota Cimahi meliputi mahasiswa dan guru bimbel. Menujukkan efektivitas model service learning berbantuan web based geotagging di kembangkan dilihat dari ketercapaian indikator yaitu pembelajaran online dan offline pada sistem web based geotagging diperoleh rerata 4,00, managerial tugas pada blended learning dengan rerata 3,78 dan model service learning berbantuan web based geotagging diperoleh rerata sebesar 3,98. Besarnya pengaruh penerapan model service learning berbantuan web based geotagging untukk meningkatkan efektifitas pembelajaran blended learning sebesar 17%. Hasil akhir menunjukkan bahwa model service learning berbantuan web based geotagging yang dikembangkan memenuhi kriteria valid, efektif dan praktis.
Developing innovation in medical education is a vital part of improving the learning outcomes. One such learning innovation in medical education is to learn using game as a tool. The Husenynov antihypertensive drug game (HAG) was developed as an innovation to assist the learning process for studying pharmacology. The study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of HAG and traditional educational method (lecture) on knowledge and perception of medical students. A quantitative cross-sectional study was conducted with 221 second year students from the Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Medicine. There were two subject groups: the game group and the lecture group. Duration (two hours) and learning content were similar for both activities. A pre-post test was performed to compare the percentage of students with increased knowledge between groups, while a questionnaire of perception was distributed at the end of the study. The number of students who experienced increased knowledge (post-test score better than pre-test score) was higher in the game group than the lecture group (68% vs 54%, respectively). Students who played the game had a knowledge score 1.8 times higher compared to those who had the lecture (crosstab, OR 1.8 (95% CI 1.04–3.09)). Furthermore, a significantly higher proportion of students had positive perceptions regarding the learning method in the game group (83% vs 45%, p < 0.01). The Husenynov antihypertensive drug game (HAG) promotes better-increased knowledge and positive perceptions than the traditional educational method (lecture).
The purpose of this study was to find and test the key success factors for increasing consumer satisfaction in the small and medium industry of souvenir food products in Pekanbaru City, Indonesia by examining the variables of product uniqueness, product completeness, Buying Decision and consumer satisfaction so as to increase business profits. The problem of this study is to find the direct and indirect effects of the variables of product uniqueness, product completeness, Buying Decision and consumer satisfaction of souvenir food products. The population is all consumers who buy food products by the city of Pekanbaru but It is not known the total population. So, the sampling technique uses categories that are not known to the population using the isac k theory with the results of calculations using the formula as many as 173 consumers. sampling technique using proportional sampling. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data using a questionnaire. The measurement scale used is a 5-point Likert scale. The analysis of the data obtained was tested for its reliability validity and hypothesis testing was carried out with Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results of the study all factors have a significant influence but on several factors that are not significant, namely the uniqueness of the product on Buying Decision and product completeness on consumer satisfaction through Buying Decision
Problem solving skills are important for students to master and need to be trained and developed continuously. The purpose of this study was to find out how high school students' mathematical problem solving abilities in Statistics material with the implementation of Problem-Based Learning. This type of research is qualitative descriptive research. The subjects of this research were class XII students of SMA Negeri 5 Cimahi. The sample in this study were 30 students of class XII IPA 3, with 22 female students and 8 male students. The research time is the first semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year. Collecting data in this study used a test instrument for mathematical problem solving abilities in the Quartile submatter Statistics material. Data analysis techniques were carried out with the stages of data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results of this study indicate that the percentage of achievement of mathematical problem solving abilities of class XII high school students in Statistics material which is classified as Very Good (SB) is 26.7%, while the achievement category that dominates is the Enough category (C), namely 53.3%.
Mathematical reasoning and communication skills were added by NCTM and PISA as process standards in mathematics learning that received special attention. The population in this study were all students of Mathematics Education, Pasundan University. The sample in this study was two classes, namely semester 3. The research design used was One-Group-Pretest-Postest. The conclusions of this study include (1) the mathematical reasoning and communication abilities of prospective teacher students after receiving learning with e-learning assisted by the Maple Program are better than before receiving learning; (2) The mathematical reasoning ability of the superior group > moderate group > the low group significantly; (3) The increase in students' mathematical reasoning abilities is in the medium category. The increase in mathematical reasoning ability of the superior group > moderate group > the low group, only not significant; (4) The mathematical communication ability of the superior group > moderate group, it's justnot significant. The superior group > significant assessor group, and the moderate group > significant assessor group; (5) The improvement of students' mathematical communication skills are in a low category. Improved mathematical communication skills of the superior group > moderate group, and the superior group > the low group significantly. Medium group > low group, only not significant.
This research is motivated by the low mathematical literacy ability of students. One of the learning models that can develop and facilitate to improve students' mathematical literacy skills is a problem-based learning model, because with a problem-based learning model students are oriented towards real world problems and in the learning stages students report results. work done in groups. The purpose of this study was to determine: analyze the implementation of problem-based learning models for mathematical literacy skills. This study uses a qualitative research approach. The type of research used in this research is library research with the documentation method. Data was collected by collecting literature related to research variables and then classified and analyzed. Based on the results of data analysis, it can be concluded that the implementation of problem-based learning models can improve and have a positive impact on the development of high school students' mathematical literacy skills.
This study aims to analyze the existence of learning obstacles that occur in students, especially in class IV fraction materials and efforts to overcome these learning obstacles. This research uses descriptive qualitative research method. The sample in this study was 17 grade IV students at SDN Kopo 04 for the academic year 2021/2022 with purposive sampling using a sampling technique. The source of data in this study is the primary data source and for data collection the researchers used test and interview instruments. Data analysis was carried out descriptively by reducing data, presenting data, and drawing conclusions. Based on the results of research and discussion, it was found that a learning obstacle in the ontogenic obstacle category was that students did not understand how to operate addition and subtraction on fractions. Students also experience epistemological obstacles if they are faced with a different problem context from the one exemplified by the teacher in the book and misunderstand the meaning of the question. In addition, there were didactical obstacles where students were not able to place the numerator and denominator, students also did not know the definition of fractions and the concept of fractions as part of a whole and fractions as part of a group, because it was caused by inappropriate teacher teaching. It was also found that efforts to overcome learning obstacles were found such as holding remedials, enrichment, using the RME (Realistic Mathematics Education) learning model, often doing practice questions, and being able to use other learning media besides books. Efforts to overcome the learning obstacles found are expected to be realized to minimize the learning barriers experienced by students.
Aktivitas kendaraan bermotor dapat menyebabkan polusi udara dan resiko paparan terhadap petugas parkir. Salah satu polutan yang berasal dari kendaraan bermotor dan dapat menyebabkan polusi udara adalah karbon monoksida. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengukur konsentrasi karbon monoksida di udara, kadar karboksihemoglobin, dan keluhan gangguan kesehatan yang dialami petugas parkir di Pasar Ujung Berung. Pengukuran konsentrasi karbon monoksida dilakukan menggunakan alat CO analyzer. Sampling dilakukan dengan teknik purposive sampling melalui obeservasi dan wawancara. Hasil pengukuran kadar karbon monosida tertinggi diperoleh sebesar 24.049 µg/Nm³ yang menunjukkan hasil masih dibawah ambang batas udara ambien. Responden memiliki karateristik 100% berjenis kelamin laki-laki, 61,54% berusia 21-20 tahun, 38,46% berusia >30 tahun, 69,23% dengan lama bekerja <1 tahun, dan 30,77% >1 tahun. Mayoritas responden memiliki kebiasaan merokok (83,33%), rutin mengkonsumsi buah (100%) dan sayur (66,67%). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa 63,67% petugas parkir memiliki kadar karboksihemoglobin darah melebihi nilai normal dalam tubuh dan mengalami gangguan kesehatan yaitu pusing (80%), gangguan penglihatan (50%), mual (33%), dan cepat lelah (66,67%).
Kopi merupakan produk perkebunan yang memiliki peluang pasar, baik pasar domestic maupun mancanegara. Kabupaten Subang merupakan wilayah penghasil kopi di Jawa Barat, kopi asli yang terdapat di Kabupaten Subang ialah kopi Cupumanik, kopi Cupumanik merupakan kopi jenis Arabika dan menjadi salah satu jenis kopi asli dari Kabupaten Subang. Para petani kopi di Desa Cupunagara selama ini menjual biji kopi gelondongan ke tengkulak secara murah, sehingga keuntungan yang didapat petani pada saat itu hanya berkisar Rp. 3000 – 5000 /kg. Namun sejak 2017 masyarakat mulai membuat kelompok tani yang dinamakan kelompok tani gunung geulis, dari kelompok tani tersebut masyarakat mulai paham tentang mengembangkan variates kopi, belajar mengolah kopi, dan juga membuat brand kopi sendiri yang dinamakan kopi Cupumanik. Rantai pasok sangat berperan dalam meningkatkan daya saing, dalam sebuah rantai pasok memerlukan tiga macam aliran yang harus dikelola, pertama adalah aliran barang yang mengalir dari hulu ke hilir, kedua adalah aliran uang dan sejenisnya yang mengalir dari hulu ke hilir, dan yang ketiga adalah aliran informasi yang biasa terjadi dari hulu ke hilir ataupun sebaliknya. Ketiga aliran tersebut memiliki peran dalam mengembangkan maupun meningkatkan daya saing dari produk kopi itu sendiri. Penelitian ini menggunakan beberapa metode, diantaranya ialah metode Business Model Canvas (BMC) Business model canvas adalah template yang membahas “bagaimana” dan “mengapa” kegiatan dan pilihan yang dibuat oleh perusahaan dalam rangka mencapai posisi yang berkelanjutan dalam industri mereka. Lalu terdapat IDEF0, IDEF0 adalah metode yang dirancang untuk keputusan, tindakan, dan kegiatan organisasi atau sistem. IDEF0 membantu seorang sistem analis untuk mempromosikan komunikasi yang baik dengan pelanggan. Kemudian analisis SWOT, Analisis SWOT adalah identifikasi berbagai faktor secara sistematis untuk merumuskan strategi perusahaan, Analisa ini didasarkan pada logika yang dapat memaksimalkan kekuatan (Strength) dan Peluang (Opportunities), namun secara bersamaan dapat meminimalkan kelemahan (Weaknesses) dan ancaman (Threats).
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