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This study aims to find out how the Arabic Language Education Curriculum Management at STAI As-Sunnah Deli Serdang is the only strata 1 university in Sumatra that requires all students to apply. This study uses descriptive qualitative research methods. Data were collected by observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The findings of this study are a. Arabic Language Education Curriculum Planning; B. Implementation of the Arabic Language Education Curriculum. What this as-sunnah university does can be a model for other universities that have a similar vision, especially in the development of foreign language skills, especially Arabic.
Tujuan dari dilaksanakannya penelitian ini adalah untuk menghasilkan media pembelajaran berbasis website yang dapat digunakan kapan pun, di manapun dan memenuhi kriteria, serta mengetahui respon peserta didik terhadap media yang dikembangkan. Adapun metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Research and Development (R&D) dengan prosedur pengembangan yang dipakai pada penelitian ini didasarkan pada model pengembangan ADDIE. Subjek uji coba yang terlibat dalam penelitian ini adalah 35 orang peserta didik kelas X SMA Taruna PBD Medan. Media ini diuji baik dari segi materi dan kelayakan media berdasarkan pendapat para ahli dan guru melalui angket kelayakan. Sedangkan untuk mengukur motivasi belajar digunakan angket siswa. Berdasarkan penilaian oleh para ahli dan guru, media pembelajaran telah memenuhi kriteria valid, praktis dan efektif. Media pembelajaran berbasis website ini dapat digunakan sebagai alternatif pembelajaran untuk meningkatkan motivasi belajar siswa di masa Pandemi COVID-19. The objective of this research is to create website-based learning media that can be utilized anytime, anywhere and meets the criteria, as well as to find out how students react to the generated media. The research approach employed in this study is Research and Development (R&D), with the development procedure based on the ADDIE development model. This study included 35 pupils from class X SMA Taruna PBD Medan as trial subjects. This medium was examined for material and media viability using a feasibility questionnaire and the comments of experts and teachers. Meanwhile, a student questionnaire was employed to assess learning motivation. According to expert and teacher evaluations, the learning media met the criteria of being valid, practical, and effective. During the COVID-19 epidemic, this website-based learning material can be employed as an alternative to studying to improve student learning motivation.
This article compares how the Indonesian, specifically the urban people respond to the pandemic during the history. In 1918, Indonesia, formerly known as the Dutch East Indies, witnessed a pandemic of the Spanish Flu that killed thousands of lives. A century later, Indonesia is once again experienced with the lethal Covid-19 pandemic. The emphasized responses are specific on countermeasures and vaccination programs during the Spanish Flu 1918 and Covid-19 pandemics. The primary source of this research is the archive of annual reports (Kolonial Verslag) Dutch East Indies government 1920 and a report from the Dutch East Indies Civil Health Service (Burgerlijken Geneeskujdigen Dienst), as well as supported by newspapers such as: Sin Po, Oetoesan Hindia, Pewarta Soerabaia, Tjhoen Tjhioe,Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad, and Andalas. This article also aims at understanding how the Indonesian people are handling pandemics, both the Spanish Flu and the Covid-19 pandemics. The action taken by the government in tackling the Spanish flu and Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is to issue regulations to reduce activities in the public domain. This regulation has proven successful in reducing the spread of the Spanish flu pandemic in the past and Covid-19 in the present. This research found that Indonesian urban in the past and today have similar points of view, the irrational views and rational views, this is proofed from the emergence of unique, local-rational, and uncontrollable news and rumours because of the amplification of news about the outbreak. The difference is that in the past, religious responses were expressly confronted with the news but in the present, it is more moderate and open to cooperating with programs from the government. The spectrum from the news of the past outbreaks is not as large as that of the present. Mass media with information technology to social media are further expanding the spectrum from outbreak news to produce more powerful amplifications. It also affects the polarization of the masses that respond rationally and irrationally to the outbreak.
The Family Planning Program (FPP) is one of the strategies carried out by the government to suppress the increase in population growth. Unfortunately, women of reproductive age (WRA) often stop participating in FPP or drop it out, unaware of increasing the risk of conception. This study uses secondary data from the 2017 IDHS for 945 WRAs who have used modern FPP methods. It uses cross-tabulation to determine the distribution of husbands' approval regarding the FPP method, wanting more children, side effects of family planning, the role of family planning service providers, and the incidence of dropping out of FPP in North Sumatra Province. The results indicated that 238 out of 707 WRAs (25.8%) dropped out of FPP. The FPP dropping out in North Sumatra Province mostly occurred to WRAs who experienced side effects of FPP methods (238 WRAs) and who changed their minds to want more children (67 WRAs). The BKKBN of North Sumatra Province must provide training to FPP service providers on the side effects of the methods to improve their counseling skills, which must be used properly to serve the WRAs before they decide to use contraceptives.
This paper discusses the dynamics of punishment for khalwat perpetrators which is habitually inclined to implement the rule of law underlined in Aceh. The aim of this research is to analyze the provision of legal sanctions carried out by Acehnese for khalwat perpetrators based on the maqashid sharia perspective. This study was conducted by using empirical juridical research with law sociology approach, and the source of the main data was an interview which was completed by supporting data such as significant articles related to the khalwat cases in Aceh. The results of this study point out that normatively the provision of sanctions for khalwat perpetrators in Aceh are regulated into two forms, namely Jinayat Law Qanun, and the Development of Traditional Life and Custom Qanun. Each of these regulations has differences in the provision of law sanctions for the khalwat perpetrators that cause law dualism. Practically, the sanctions determined by Acehnese for the khalwat perpetrators are various depending on each region. There are four kinds of sanctions enforcement, namely; First: Jinayat Law Qanun, Second: Customary Law, Third: the sanction of punishment in the name of customary law, Fourth: persecution. Based on maqashid al sharia aspect, some of these punishments are considered not in accordance with sharia principles, law of persecution, and in the name of customary law. Indeed, these regulations tend to be decided arbitrarily and even followed by torture.
Spiritualism is an inseparable part of human existence. The reduction of this dimension (spiritualism) will negatively affect human existence. This causes the emergence of new phenomenon, or even culture, in the life of modern society. The phenomenon is the increase of their interest in spiritualism. Even though spiritualism in this context is not always identical with religion, this phenomenon cannot be separated from capitalism. This article explores how the intersection of religion, religiosity and public segment is more likely to manifest in our everyday life. Humans are considered indisputably religious from ancestry; therefore, they are regarded as homo-religious. As technology and society progress, some scholars argue that in no time distant religion is going to give way to secularisation. However, it remains a vital and prominent role for humans despite the rate of secularisation in European and other Western societies. This sociological research utilises the transversal and residential theory to define religion as a phenomenon that crosses every aspect of life while maintaining a prominent public position. The result showed that humans are religious, and therefore religion is bound to exist in accordance with their existence. The study concludes that religion provides ultimate answers to questions that have not been answered by science and philosophy. Therefore, as long as humans exist, their place in society cannot be abolished. Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: This research contributes to providing education to the community that religion, social and culture have an integrated and interconnected relationship.
Shape and surface roughness of a product, when it is produced by a lathe, plays an important role because of its friction, wear, lubrication systems, and others. In each workpiece, the result of the machining process has a certain shape and surface roughness such as shiny, smooth, and rough surfaces. The machining process determines the surface roughness at a certain level, where the surface roughness is used as a reference for product evaluation. Machining the surface roughness of a product does not have a small value, but sometimes a product requires a large surface roughness value according to its function. Keywords: Feeding, surface roughness, AISI 1045, diamond chisel.
Politeness involves evaluations and attitudes which are closely connected to the assessment of actions. Politeness investigations in presidential debates enables voters to assess the candidates’ behavior to make well-informed decision during the election. The present study investigated politeness strategies in two different presidential debates within the United States electoral context: the Democratic party and the final presidential debates. Data were analyzed by adopting the coding scheme in Brown and Levinson’s frameworks. The overall result indicated that both the presidential debates used more positive politeness strategies than the negative politeness. PPS-10 (offer and promise), PPS-12 (include speaker and hearer in the activity) and NPS-2 (hedge) were more frequently used in both types of debates. PPS-3 (intensify interest to hearer) was frequent in the democratic debate alone. Meanwhile, PPS-15 (give gits to hearer) was frequent in the final presidential debate alone. The findings imply that the use of the politeness strategies can shape the candidates’ positive political images in the presidential debates. HIGHLIGHTS: • Findings show that the selected politeness strategies are to shape candidates’ positive political images in the presidential debates. • Having positive images such as not harsh, having good behavior are considered to be critical importance in determining the winning of the election. • Negative politeness is less preferably used and has been less taken into account as proper rhetorical skills in the debates.
This study aims (1) to describe the specifications of Constructivism-based-based Arabic Textbook, (2) to describe the process of Arabic learning using Constructivism-based Arabic Textbook, and (3) to describe the effectiveness of using Constructivism-based Arabic Textbook for mahârah kitâbah (writing skill). This is a quasi-experimental study using data obtained through Questionnaires and Tests. The experiment was applied to students of the Arabic Language Education study program, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, at the University Islam Negeri Sumatera Utara, Medan, in the odd Semester of 2021-2022 academic year. Thirty-two participants were chosen as a sample of a total population of 97 people Questionnaires and tests were employed as the instruments to collect the data, which were further analyzed using the SPSS 16.0 program. The findings can be seen as follows. (1). The specification of Constructivism-based Arabic textbook can be expressed in a sentence, namely: al-Qirâ’atu wa Kitâbatuhs wa al-Tahlîlu ma’a Kitâbatin Jadîdah. It is called “al-Qirâ’ah” because each chapter begins with the jumlah wazhifiy. It is called “Kitâbatuhâ” because students are asked to rewrite jumlah wazhifiy they read. It is called “al-Tahilîl” because students are required to analyze jumlah wazhifiy. It is called “Kitâbah Jadîdah” because students are instructed to construct new wazhifiy related to tarkîb. (2). The learning is known as "Nyari Zoom Analis Dewa", and it stands for "Penyajian Materi dengan Zoom, Latihan Menulis dengan WA” (Literally translated as the presentation conducted through Zoom, the writing practice conducted through WhatsApp) (3). The Constructivism-based Arabic textbook for mahârah kitâbah is considered adequate based on the validators’ assessment and experiment results. The results showed that Ho was rejected and Ha was accepted. There was an average difference between the Pretest and Posttest. The Pretest result was lower than the Posttest. Therefore, a Constructivism-based Arabic textbook is effective in increasing the mahârah kitâbah.
Film Tarung Sarung merepresentasikan Budaya yang menarik. Salah satunya terkait dengan percakapan antartokoh. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan bentuk kajian semiotiok pragmatik deiksis serta budaya pada film Tarung Sarung. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian deskriptif kualitatif dengan dengan menggunakan metode penelitian dokumentasi, simak, dan catat. Data penelitian ini adalah data bahasa ragam lisan yang bersumber dari Tarung Sarung. Data tersebut dianalisis dengan tehnik analisis Taksonomik (Taksonomic Analysis) pada tahap analisis taksonomi, peneliti berupaya memahami domain-domain tertentu sesuai fokus masalah atau sasaran penelitian. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa terdapat beberapa bentuk deiksis dalam Tarung Sarung yakni Deiksis orang meliputi (1) deiksis orang pertama : Saya, aku, gue dan kita, (2) Deiksis orang kedua : kamu, kalian, dan saudara-saudaraku, (3) Deiksis orang ketiga : mereka dan dia. Deiksis tempat meliputi di Mesji, di sini, dan di Makassar. Deiksis waktu meliputi malam-malam, selamat pagi, dan kesiangan. Deiksis Sosial meliputi Puang Deni Ruso. Sedangkan makna semiotik budaya yang terdapat dalam film ini yakni makna dari segi bahasanya, warisan, sistem pengetahuan, dan keseniannya.
Permasalahan mengenai perkembangan individu yang masih sering di bahas ialah mengenai perkembangan kognitif manusia. Salah satu aktifitas yang melibatkan kognitif manusia ialah belajar. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana kontribusi self efficacy dan regulasi emosi terhadap kejenuhan belajar. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan deskriptif korelasional dengan populasi sebanyak 153 orang mahasiswa Prodi Bimbingan dan Konseling FIP UNIMED yang terdaftar pada Agustus-Desember 2021 dan sampel penelitian sebanyak 111 orang siswa dan ditentukan dengan menggunakan teknik proportional random sampling. Alat ukur pada penelitian ini berupa instrumen self efficacy, instrument regulasi emosi dan instrumen kejenuhan belajar dengan menggunakan skala model Likert. Analisis data menggunakan statistik deskriptif, regresi sederhana dan regresi ganda. Hasil penelitian memperlihatkan bahwa semakin tinggi self efficacy pada diri mahasiswa akan mampu mengurangi kejenuhan belajar, selain itu rendahnya regulasi emosi negatif pada diri mahasiswa akan mampu mengatasi kejenuhan belajar pada mahasiswa.
One of the functions of the bridge is as a medium between two parts of the road that are cut off, the existence of a bridge construction facility is very beneficial for the local community from an economic and social perspective. This analysis aims to determine the dimensions of the structure that will be used in determining the forces acting on the main structure of the bridge, especially the ultimate force in controlling the beams in the main structure. The main beam uses AASHTO standard prestressed beam type V, with a beam height of 1600 mm, with an initial prestressing force of F = 691943,478 Kg and after calculating the initial prestressing loss of 20%. By controlling the stress that occurs at the time of transfer (jacking) on the top fiber of 24,457 Mpa and on the bottom fiber of -130.618, the stress when the load is off when the top fiber is -13,033 Mpa and at the bottom fiber is -7,653 Mpa, the stress when the load is on at the top fiber of -13.033 Mpa and at the bottom fiber of -7.653 Mpa. Keywords: Beam dimensions, prestressing force, ultimate load.
Shahifah Madinah: A State System According to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Shahifat al-Madinah as a reference for the model of state life at the time of the Prophet Muhammad can be found in two books, namely: the book of Al-Amwal and in the book of sirah nabawiyah ibn Hisham. In previous research, it is stated that in the book of Al-Amwal, although the hadith has a sanad, there are two narrators who are considered weak (mursal), while in the book of Ibn Hisham, there is no sanad. To find out the existence of the contents of the shahifah in the hadith so that it can be used as a guide, it is necessary to study it from the perspective of the hadith. The purpose of this study is to find out the state system in Shahifat al-Madinah and to find out the hadiths containing the texts/manuscripts of Shahifat al-Madinah. This research used a library approach with the method of content analysis (content analysis) on the Shahifat al-Madinah. The results show that the main book 9 encyclopedia can be found in the book Sahih al-Bukhari no. 6756, Sunan Abu Daud no. 2606, Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hambal No. 913, 1231 and 1330, 8808, 9432. However, there are related hadiths in it as follows: Sahih al-Bukhari no. 1737, 1740, 2936, 2943,6258, Sahih Muslim no. 2429, 2433, 2434,2435, 2774, Sunan Tirmidzi no. 2053, Sunan Abu Daud no. 1739, Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal no. 581, 986, 6920, 8808, 10384, 13012, 16112
New normal diterapkan oleh pemerintah untuk mengembalikan masyarakat beraktivitas normal ditengah pandemi covid-19 dengan protokol kesehatan. Penerapan new normal menuai beragam komentar dari masyarakat dan masuk kedalam topik terpopuler di media sosial twitter. Analisis sentimen untuk memprediksi komentar ataupun opini masyarakat yang kecenderungan beropini positif maupun negatif. Preprocessing data menggunakan cleaning, case folding, normalisasi, stemming, filtering, dan tokenizing. Pada normalisasi kata bertujuan memperbaiki kesalahan penulisan kata (typo) berdasarkan KBBI dan TF-IDF sebagai metode pembobotan kata. Data yang digunakan terdiri dari 1000 tweet. Metode klasifikasi opini menggunakan metode K-Nearest Neighbor dan melakukan pengujian agar mendapatkan hasil akurasi yang paling terbaik serta mengevaluasi menggunakan confusion matrix. Hasil dari pelabelan untuk sentimen positif berjumlah 811 dan 189 untuk sentimen negatif. Klasifikasi K-NN dengan nilai k = 1 menghasilkan pengujian use training set dengan accuracy sebesar 100%, 92,60% untuk 10-fold cross-validation dan 94,50% untuk 80% percentage split.
In the present study, cellulose acetate/graphene oxide (CA/GO) composite nanofibers were prepared via the electrospinning method to remove Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution via adsorption process in a batch mode. The impact of adsorption parameters, including contact time, pH, Cr(VI) concentration, and temperature was investigated to obtain the optimum conditions for the uptake of maximum Cr(VI) ions from water within a short time. The kinetic data of Cr(VI) adsorption were well fitted by pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order kinetic models, whereas Redlich-Peterson, Langmuir and Freundlich, isotherm models were used to describe the equilibrium data of Cr(VI) adsorption by the CA/GO nanofibers. The effect of temperature on the adsorption capacity of Cr(VI) ions using the nanofibers indicated that the higher temperatures were favorable for higher adsorption of Cr(VI) ions using the nanofibers. The thermodynamic parameters results indicated the spontaneous and endothermic of Cr(VI) sorption nature using the CA/GO nanofibrous adsorbent. The maximum monolayer adsorption capacity of nanofibers toward Cr(VI) ions sorption was 422.3 mgg⁻¹ which was comparable with other adsorbents. The reusability of composite nanofibers was carried out for five adsorption–desorption cycles. The obtained results exhibited the high capability of CA/GO nanofibrous adsorbents for Cr(VI) ions sorption from actual wastewater. Graphical abstract
Kejenuhan peserta didik adalah hal biasa dan kerap terjadi ketika proses belajar mengajar berlangsung. Hal ini sangat wajar karena peserta didik masih dalam usia bermain. Oleh sebab itu, guru harus mempelajari metode Ice Breaking. Tujuan dilakukannya penelitian ini ialah untuk mengetahui implementasi dari penerapan Ice Breaking, manfaat dari penerapan Ice Breaking, serta hubungan antara penerapan Ice Breaking dengan menarik minat peserta didik. Penelitian kualitatif merupakan model penelitian yang diterapkan dalam penelitian ini. Data dikumpulkan dengan teknik analisis melalui dokumentasi. Teknik analisis data yaitu analisis beberapa artikel jurnal atau karya tulis seseorang. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa (1) Ice Breaking dapat diterapkan pada semua mata pelajaran, termasuk pendidikan nonformal. Ice Breaking dapat disatukan atau dipadukan dengan model pembelajaran Realistik Setting Kooperatif (Resik) dan model pembelajaran lannya. (2) Dengan diterapkannya Ice Breaking dapat menarik minat belajar siswa, motivasi belajar, daya serap, hasil belajar serta kemampuan komunikasi matematis. (3) manfaat yang didapat dari diterapkannya Ice Breaking ini adalah untuk menghilangkan kejenuhan, kebosanan, serta rasa mengantuk dengan hal sederhana yang dapat dilakukan oleh setiap orang tanpa perlu keterampilan yang mumpuni.
Pendidikan yang baik dan benar kepada anak, dapat dimulai dari pendidikan anak usia dini. Ditemukan beberapa permasalah terkait fasilitas bermain anak belum memadai untuk perkembangan motorik anak usia dini, tenaga pendidik masih didominasi yang tidak sesuai jurusan dengan pendidikan anak usia dini, dan model pembelajran yang belum bervariasi. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian kuantitatif eksperimen. Jenis penelitian yang digunakan adalah True Experimental design. Populasi dalam penelitian ini ialah seluruh jumlah murid RA Aisya Az Zahra sebanyak 65 orang. Teknik pengambilan sampel yang digunakan peneliti adalah teknik purposive sampling. Kelas yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas A yang berjumlah 30 siswa sebagai kelas kontrol dan kelas B sebagai kelas eksperimen yang berjumlah 30 siswa. Desain penelitian yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Pretest- Postest Control Group Design. Hasil terdapat pengaruh pada kemampuan aspek kognitif dan kemampuan aspek motorik model pembelajaran snowball throwing. Diperoleh nilai aspek kognitif t hitung = 6,44 maka thitung > ttabel (6,44>2,093) dan nilai aspek aspek t hitung = 5,96 maka thitung > ttabel (5,96>2,093).
Pada penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui: (1) Pendekatan yang dilakukan oleh para guru dalam membina sikap kedisiplinan anak di RA An-Najamissa’adah Medan Tembung Kota Medan, (2) Alasan dan pertimbangan guru PAUD dalam memilih pendekatan tersebut. Penelitian ini menggunakan jenis penelitian kualitatif dengan pendekatan deskriptif fenomenologis. Peneliti memperoleh data penelitian ini diperoleh dengan menggunakan metode observasi, wawancara dan dokumentasi. Dari temuan dalam penelitian ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa: (1) Bentuk kedisiplinan anak di RA An-Najamissa’adah meliputi: Menghargai waktu, budaya mengantri, menjaga kerapian dan kebersihan, sikap bertanggungjawab, sikap kemandirian dan jiwa kepemimpinan (membuat keputusan). (2) Metode yang dilakukan oleh guru RA An-Najamissa’adah dalam membina sikap disiplin anak di RA An-Najamissa’adah meliputi: Metode Uswah (Keteladanan), metode pembiasaan dan metode penugasan, metode pemberian reward, metode pemberian punishment dan pembatasan waktu. (3) Dalam menjaga sikap kedisiplinan anak RA An-Najamissa’adah, guru melakukan pengawasan melalui: proses evaluasi di dalam kelas, dan bekerjasama dengan orang tua / wali murid.
Di dalam penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh adanya faktor yaitu kurangnya suatu media pembelajaran yang digunakan dalam materi pembelajaran IPA di SD Swasta Bakti Luhur Kecamatan Medan Helvetia. Dalam hal ini peneliti ingin mengembangkan sebuah media pembelajaran berupa media Rumah Eksis (Edukasi Metamorfosis). Prosedur yang akan digunakan dalam penelitian ini yaitu dengan menggunakan prosedur penelitian R&D. Subyek yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini dilakukan di Sekolah Dasar Swasta Bakti Luhur. Tujuan yang ada di dalam penelitian ini yaitu mendeskripsikan serta menerapkan suatu konsep pembuatan media pembelajaran rumah eksis materi Metamorfosis di SD IV Swasta Bakti Luhur. Langkah-langkah dalam penelitian yaitu menganalisis atau menjelaskan kebutuhan dan kepribadian siswa, menentukan suatu tujuan dalam belajar mengajar, merangkum suatu materi pembelajaran, mengembangkan suatu alat ukur keberhasilan, pra produksi (desain produk awal), produksi dan pasca produksi diadaptasi dari Sadiman. Hasil persentase dari kelulusan peserta didik dalam pembelajaran mengenai IPA dalam materi metamorfosis dengan menggunakan media Rumah Eksis menunjukkan peningkatan yaitu 20%. Disimpulkan bahwa media ini lebih efektif bila digunakan dalam mempelajari metamorfosis menggunakan media rumah eksis. This research is motivated by a factor, namely the lack of a learning media used in science learning materials at SD Swasta Bakti Luhur, Medan Helvetia District. In this case, the researcher wants to develop a learning media in the form of the Existing House (Metamorphosis Education) media. The procedure that will be used in this research is to use R&D research procedures. The subjects used in this study were conducted at Bakti Luhur Private Elementary School. The purpose of this study is to describe and apply a concept of making home learning media with Metamorphosis material in SD IV Swasta Bakti Luhur. The steps in the research are analyzing or explaining the needs and personality of students, determining a goal in teaching and learning, summarizing a learning material, developing a measuring instrument for success, pre-production (initial product design), production and post-production adapted from Sadiman. The results of the percentage of students' graduation in learning about science in metamorphosis material using the Existing House media showed an increase of 20%. It was concluded that this media was more effective when used in studying metamorphosis using existing home media.
This research is an Islamic law research that discusses the settlement of murabahah financing disputes with defaulting customers with a case study on the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 649 K/AG Year 2017. The research model (mode of inquiry) of this study is qualitative. The preliminary step in this research is a conceptual approach with normative legal research methods. This study uses the theory of mashlahah: applicative theory is used in analyzing the data of this study and in the end this study shows that there is still a deviation between the provisions of murabahah financing and the concept of fiqh but to avoid this deviation, the wakalah system is made. The Supreme Court's decision Number 649 K/AG/2017 does not reflect a fully progressive decision, for the bank and also for the customer, the decision has not received a value of benefit, because the Supreme Court judge does not give a time limit to customers who are considered unable to make payments in accordance with the agreement (default) to reschedule (rescheduling), in the absence of such a time limit, provides an opportunity for customers who are in default to prolong the delay in payment so that this can be detrimental to the bank.
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