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    ABSTRACT: This article aimed at studying drying of products with cylindrical shape, using an apparent liquid diffusion model, with coupling between mass and heat at surface of the product. Model includes variable thermo-physical properties and shrinkage. The one-dimensional diffusion equation in cylindrical coordinates, with boundary condition of the third kind (i.e., convective boundary condition), was discretized by means of the finite volume method with a fully implicit formulation. The proposed solution can be used to determine thermo-physical parameters, via optimization technique, and also to simulate water migration and heat transport. Developed software was applied to describe convective drying of whole bananas. Three experiments were carried out at average drying air temperature of 47.9, 58.6 and 66.9 °C, enabling to determine the thermo-physical properties as well as to simulate the process of heat and mass transfer. The statistical indicators of the simulations made it possible to conclude that, for the three experiments, the proposed model well describes the involved processes.
    No preview · Article · Nov 2014 · Journal of Food Engineering
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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents two conversion systems based on the association of a six-phase machine (SPM) with an electrical grid by means of three- and single-phase converters. The machine is composed of two three-phase groups. One of them provides the power to the three-phase converter, and the other provides the power to the single-phase converters, in an open-end winding connection (see Fig. 2). The first conversion system is composed of bidirectional switches and can be used with induction or permanent-magnet synchronous machines. The second system is partially reversible since the single-phase converters are also composed of diodes and is more indicated for permanent-magnet synchronous machines. Furthermore, the proposed configurations do not use transformers and generate multilevel voltage at the grid-side converter with amplitude higher than that of the machine side, permitting one to reduce the transmission I2R losses. The complete analysis of the systems, including the pulsewidth- modulated techniques, is presented. Simulation and experimental results are also presented.
    No preview · Article · Nov 2014 · IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we investigate the existence of positive solutions for the quasilinear Schrödinger equation: −Δu+V(x)u−Δ(u2)u=g(u),−Δu+V(x)u−Δ(u2)u=g(u), RNRN N⩾3N⩾3 g V
    No preview · Article · Aug 2014 · Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications


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    Campina Grande, Brazil
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