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    ABSTRACT: The studies on fecal steroid metabolites published with free-living primates are limited mainly by the difficulty in obtaining samples. A radioimmunoassay was used to measure the fecal steroid concentrations in Alouatta belzebul in the National Forest of Tapirape-Aquiri in Brazil. Androgens were significantly higher for the adult males from the Area of Influence (AI-I group) when compared to those from the Control Area (CA group) (P < 0.05). Progestin and estrogen concentrations were higher in the females from the CA group than in those from the AI-I for both the adult females and females with offspring; however, P < 0.05 was only observed in the concentrations of fecal progestins from the adult females. The physiological differences between the AI-I and CA groups suggest that the cause was a sum of factors, such as an exposure to sound waves, feeding habits, daily activity patterns, and the habituation of the animals.
    Full-text · Article · Aug 2013 · Journal of Medical Primatology
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    ABSTRACT: Gastric cancer is a major public health problem in Pará state, where studies suggest complex genetic and epigenetic profiles of the population, indicating the need for the identification of molecular markers for this tumor type. In the present study, the methylation patterns of three genes [p16 INK4A , p15 INK4B , and adenomatous polyposis coli (APC)] were assessed in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma from Pará state in order to identify possible molecular markers of gastric carcinogenesis. DNA samples from tumoral and non-tumoral gastric tissues were modified with sodium bisulfite. A fragment of the promoter region of each gene was amplified and sequenced, and samples with more than 20 % of methylated CpG sites were considered hypermethylated. The correlation between the methylation pattern of the selected genes and the MTHFR C677T polymorphism, as well as the relationship between APC and CDH1 methylation, were evaluated. The results suggest that APC hypermethylation is an age-specific marker of gastric carcinogenesis, and the concordance of this event with CDH1 hypermethylation suggests that the Wnt pathway has an important role in gastric carcinogenesis. While the hypermethylation pattern of p15 INK4B seems to be an earlier event in this type of tumor, the hypomethylated status of this gene seems to be correlated to the C677T MTHFR TT genotype. On the other hand, the observed pattern of p16 INK4A hypermethylation suggests that this event is a good marker for the gastric cancer pathway in the Pará state population.
    Full-text · Article · Mar 2013 · Tumor Biology
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    ABSTRACT: The osteopontin gene may influence the fertility of water buffaloes because it is a protein present in sperm. The aim of this work was to identify polymorphisms in this gene and associate them with fertility parameters of animals kept under extensive grazing. A total of 306 male buffaloes older than 18 months, from two farms, one in the state of Amapá and the other in the state of Pará, Brazil were used in the study. Seven SNPs were identified in the regions studied. The polymorphisms were in gene positions 1478, 1513 and 1611 in the region 5'upstrem and positions 6690, 6737, 6925 and 6952 in the region amplified in intron 5. The SNPs were associated with the traits, namely scrotal circumference, scrotal volume, sperm motility, sperm concentration and sperm pathology. There were significant SNPs (p < 0.05) for all the traits. The SNP 6690 was significant for scrotal circumference, sperm concentration, sperm motility and sperm pathology and the SNP 6737 for scrotal volume. The genotype AA of SNP 6690 presented the highest averages for scrotal circumference, sperm concentration and motility and the lowest total number of sperm pathologies. For the scrotal volume trait, the animals with the largest volume were correlated with the presence of the genotype GG of SNP 6737. These results indicate a significance of the osteopontin gene as it seems to exert a substantial influence on the semen production traits of male buffaloes.
    No preview · Article · Jan 2013 · Reproduction in Domestic Animals


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