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Surface sediment concentration (SSC) is linked to several problems related to water quality and its monitoring is costly because of the required fieldwork and laboratory analyses. Thus, sediment measurements are often sporadic, punctual, and performed during a short period. Orbital remote sensing allows the monitoring of SSC along the river channel permitting continuous and spatial information. This work had two objectives: (1) to model the surface concentration of sediments in the main channel of the Doce river using data from Multispectral Instrument (MSI)/Sentinel 2 and Operational Land Imager (OLI)/Landsat 8 satellite sensors; and (2) to compare different linear modeling approaches to select the best variables for SSC monitoring. For comparison with actual field data, we used mean SSC measurements in 14 sediment gauge stations from 2013 to 2020. Reflectance data of the MSI/Sentinel 2 and OLI/Landsat 8 satellites bands and spectral indices related to the monitoring of water resources were used as explanatory variables. Simple and multiple linear regression models (SLR and MLR), least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO), and Elastic Net regression were used to predict the SSC. The near-infrared band images from both MSI/Sentinel 2 and OLI/Landsat 8 satellites showed a strong linear relationship with the SSC. Multiple linear regression, LASSO and Elastic Net regressions showed good performance for SSC prediction. Sediment flow maps show an SSC reduction in the Doce river channel in recent years, indicating that part of the material from the Fundão tailings dam rupture may have been transported through sediment resuspension and transport processes.
We conducted a systematic review to better understand this gap and analyzed i) in which global regions are studies usually conducted, ii) the taxon studied, iii) sampling methods and iv) how authors collaborated in these studies. We also tested the relationship between different types of land use and land cover and adult EPT communities using a meta-analysis. We searched for relevant articles on the website Web of Science, using specific words related to the subject. We found 454 papers and selected 31 of them for the scientometric analysis, as they were in accordance with our objectives, and eight for the meta-analysis. Among this subset, we observed that study areas and collaborations among authors were largely restricted to a few countries in Europe and North America. Most studies used the group Trichoptera, probably due to its diversity and the longevity of the adults compared to other groups. Light traps were the most common sampling method, most likely due to their efficiency in capturing flying insects with nocturnal habits. The greatest differences in adult EPT communities were found between open areas (moorland and prairie) and forest areas. This result indicated that the conversion of forest habitats into open areas negatively impacts adult EPT communities. Our systematic review can be an important tool to help researchers choose appropriate collection methods and taxonomic groups to work with in studies on impacts of land use change on adult EPT communities.
The aim is to estimate the prevalence and evaluate the association of socioeconomic and lifestyle factors with skipping breakfast among Brazilian adolescent students. A cross-sectional study carried out with adolescent ninth-graders from Brazilian public and private schools participating in the 2015 National School Health Survey. The prevalence of skipping breakfast (less than five days/week) and its respective 95% confidence intervals were estimated and stratified by gender according to demographic, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors, self-perceived body image, and attitudes towards weight. A three-block hierarchical Poisson regression, considering the complex sample design. The prevalence of skipping breakfast was 35.6%, higher among girls than boys. In both genders, skipping breakfast was positively associated with the highest socioeconomic level, morning school shift, paid work, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, living only with the mother, the father or neither, the irregular consumption of school food and meals with parents, considering oneself too fat/fat and trying to lose weight. In general, skipping breakfast was associated with socioeconomic factors and lifestyle behaviors harmful to health among adolescent students.
In this article, we have employed Monte Carlo simulations to study the Ising model on a two-dimensional additive small-world network (A-SWN). The system model consists of a L×L square lattice where each site of the lattice is occupied for a spin variable that interacts with the nearest neighbor and has a certain probability p of being additionally connected at random to one of its farther neighbors. The system is in contact with a heat bath at a given temperature T and it is simulated by one-spin flip according to the Metropolis prescription. We have calculated the thermodynamic quantities of the system, such as the magnetization per spin mL, magnetic susceptibility χL, and the reduced fourth-order Binder cumulant UL as a function of T for several values of lattice size L and additive probability p. We also have constructed the phase diagram for the equilibrium states of the model in the plane T versus p showing the existence of a continuous transition line between the ferromagnetic F and paramagnetic P phases. Using the finite-size scaling (FSS) theory, we have obtained the critical exponents for the system, where varying the parameter p, we have observed a change in the critical behavior from the regular square lattice Ising model to A-SWN.
Background Based on the current need for new drugs against malaria, our study evaluated eight beta amino ketones in silico and in vitro for potential antimalarial activity. Methods Using the Brazilian Malaria Molecular Targets (BraMMT) and OCTOPUS® software programs, the pattern of interactions of beta-amino ketones was described against different proteins of P. falciparum and screened to evaluate their physicochemical properties. The in vitro antiplasmodial activities of the compounds were evaluated using a SYBR Green-based assay. In parallel, in vitro cytotoxic data were obtained using the MTT assay. Results Among the eight compounds, compound 1 was the most active and selective against P. falciparum (IC50 = 0.98 µM; SI > 60). Six targets were identified in BraMMT that interact with compounds exhibiting a stronger binding energy than the crystallographic ligand: P. falciparum triophosphate phosphoglycolate complex (1LYX), P. falciparum reductase (2OK8), PfPK7 (2PML), P. falciparum glutaredoxin (4N0Z), PfATP6, and PfHT. Conclusions The physicochemical properties of compound 1 were compatible with the set of criteria established by the Lipinski rule and demonstrated its potential as a drug prototype for antiplasmodial activity. Keywords: Malaria; Chemotherapy; Antimalarial; Docking
O município de Cuiabá é recortado por redes de drenagem superficiais e várias nascentes preservadas e soterradas. A cobertura pedológica é majoritariamente composta por neossolos litólicos e afloramentos de rochas metapelíticas de baixo grau metamórfico do Grupo Cuiabá. Nesse contexto, executou-se estudo hidrogeológico aplicando-se método geofísico para o estudo de surgência hídrica observada durante a execução das obras de um condomínio residencial horizontal. Reconheceram-se as formações pedológicas e geológicas presentes na área, estimou-se o contato solo/rocha ao longo de perfis geofísicos, avaliou-se a extensão das zonas de aquíferos e identificaram-se as possíveis nascentes. Aplicou-se o método da eletrorresistividade, usando-se as técnicas de sondagem elétrica vertical e caminhamento elétrico. Coletaram-se também dados diretos, como amostras do solo, e realizou-se o teste de permeabilidade e mapeamento estrutural da área. O padrão de fraturas e foliações obtido é responsável pelo fluxo da água subterrânea, tendo como direção preferencial a área das surgências, indicando que fluxo segue essas estruturas, das mais altas para as mais baixas. Concluiu-se que há uma possível nascente aterrada, cuja ocorrência foi constatada pela abertura de trincheiras e surgência de água, evidenciando-se a existência de zonas aquíferas dentro da área do condomínio.
Background For a long time, in sports, researchers have tried to understand an expert by comparing them with novices, raising the doubts if the visual search characteristics distinguish experts from novices. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to review and conduct a meta-analysis to evaluate the differences in visual search behavior between experts and novices in team sports athletes.Methods This systematic review with meta-analysis followed the PRISMA 2020 and Cochrane's guidelines. Healthy team athletes were included, which engaged in regular practice, from any sex or competitive level, specifically classified a priori as expert or novice in the original research (i.e., if they were classified after the experiment, based on one of the tests, the study would be excluded). We considered only research published in peer-reviewed journals, with no limitations regarding date or language. It was considered healthy team sport athletes engaged in regular practice. The scenarios could be in situ or film-based. The databases of EBSCO (Academic Search Complete, Academic Search Ultimate, APA PsycArticles, and APA PsycINFO), PubMed, Scopus, SPORTDiscus, and Web of Science were used to perform the searches. The risk of bias was calculated through the RoBANS tool.ResultsFrom a total of 6,257 records, of which 985 were duplicates, titles and abstracts of 5,272 were screened, and 45 required full-text analysis. Of those, 23 were excluded due to not fulfilling the eligibility criteria regarding participants. In the end, 22 studies were selected, however, as two studies were part of the same trial and were analyzed conjointly.DiscussionExperts showed to be older and with more years of practice. The ability to distinguish experts from novices was not so clear regarding the variables analyzed. This could be due to the strategies chosen in each study, which were specific to each scenario, and when grouping all together, it was lost information within non-representative averages. The distinction between experts and novices was not clear, showing a lot of heterogeneity in the included studies. The expert classification itself may have been the conditioning aspect for these results, retaining the doubt and the need for more studies in the field.Systematic review registrationThe protocol was pre-registered in OSF (project https://osf.io/3j4qv/, register https://osf.io/dvk2n).
Este artigo apresenta um breve panorama da produção acadêmica que abarca as tecnologias digitais na perspectiva da formação inicial do professor de Matemática entre os anos de 2011 a 2021 e para isso buscou-se na Biblioteca Digital de teses e dissertações brasileira, usando o descritor “Tecnologias Digitais” AND “Formação Inicial do Professor de Matemática”. A pesquisa teve uma abordagem qualitativa por entender que esse tipo de pesquisa fornece informações mais descritivas. O trabalho buscou compreender como as tecnologias digitais contribuem para a formação inicial do professor de matemática, por meio de uma breve abordagem da utilização das tecnologias digitais na perspectiva dos conhecimentos do professor de Matemática. A discussão dos conhecimentos do professor de Matemática se respaldou nos aportes teóricos de Shulman (1986), Fiorentini (2003), Blanco (2003), Tardif (2014) e Carrillo (2014, 2018). Os resultados apontam para as potencialidades das tecnologias digitais na formação do professor e como suporte para evidenciar os conhecimentos de conteúdo matemático e os conhecimentos pedagógicos para o ensino da Matemática, a demonstram que o software GeoGebra está bem inserido nos debates de tecnologias em educação matemática, mostram também fragilidade na formação inicial do professor nesse aspecto.
O presente artigo aborda a construção textual de uma imagem de si nos diários de José Saramago, intitulados Cadernos de Lanzarote, destacando a frontalidade e o compromisso como traços proeminentes na escrita de si do autor. Toma como ponto de partida a discussão de Luiz Costa Lima, na qual a persona é apresentada como construção e não como essência, assumindo, por um lado, a identidade entre autor, narrador e personagem e, por outro, que qualquer relato pessoal se constrói num regime de defasagens e aproximações. Por meio da análise de algumas entradas nos diários, ressaltamos como Saramago se vale de discursos memorialísticos não apenas para narrar eventos de sua vida, senão também para expor seus pontos de vista sobre si mesmo, sobre o mundo que o cerca e sobre o projeto literário de que sua vida não se aparta.
Objective to analyze the implications of health conditions on rural workers’ quality of life in the context of soybean production. Method a cross-sectional study, with an intentional sample of 299 male rural workers. Data collection took place between October and December 2019. The following instruments were used: World Health Organization Quality Life-bref; Rural Workers’ Living & Health Conditions questionnaire; International Physical Activity Questionnaire; Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, and Eye-opener. They were analyzed via descriptive and inferential statistics, using bivariate (Mann-Whitney; Kruskal-Wallis) and multivariate tests (generalized additive models for location, scale and shape). Results the presence of a diagnosis of morbidity, alcohol dependence, occupational accidents and absenteeism implied a decrease in workers’ quality of life scores. Conclusion the existence of unfavorable health conditions has a negative impact on rural soybean workers’ quality of life. Descriptors: Quality of Life; Men’s Health; Occupational Health; Rural Workers; Occupational Health Nursing
Objective to analyze the implications of health conditions on rural workers’ quality of life in the context of soybean production. Method a cross-sectional study, with an intentional sample of 299 male rural workers. Data collection took place between October and December 2019. The following instruments were used: World Health Organization Quality Life-bref; Rural Workers’ Living & Health Conditions questionnaire; International Physical Activity Questionnaire; Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, and Eye-opener. They were analyzed via descriptive and inferential statistics, using bivariate (Mann-Whitney; Kruskal-Wallis) and multivariate tests (generalized additive models for location, scale and shape). Results the presence of a diagnosis of morbidity, alcohol dependence, occupational accidents and absenteeism implied a decrease in workers’ quality of life scores. Conclusion the existence of unfavorable health conditions has a negative impact on rural soybean workers’ quality of life. Descriptors: Quality of Life; Men’s Health; Occupational Health; Rural Workers; Occupational Health Nursing
The idea of biological evolution is not accepted by many people around the world, with a large disparity amongst countries. Some factors may act as obstacles to the acceptance of evolution, such as religion, a lack of openness to experience, and not understanding the nature of science. Although the strength of the association between evolution acceptance and non-scientific factors varies among studies, it is often assumed that resistance to evolution is the byproduct of a religious background. Some studies are even more specific and try to associate the acceptance of evolution with precise religious affiliations. We aimed to explore the strength of associations among nationality, religion, and the acceptance of evolution by students using multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) and statistical tools, with nationwide samples from two different countries. Here, we show that wider sociocultural factors predict the acceptance of evolution to a higher degree than a religious background. We carried out two nationwide data collections that allowed us to compare differences in the acceptance of evolution in Italy and Brazil by high school students who declare to belong to the same religion in the two countries. Roman Catholic students showed significant differences between the two countries, and the gap between them was wider than between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians within Brazil. Our conclusions support those who argue that religious affiliation is not the main factor in predicting the level of evolution acceptance. The sociocultural environment and the level of evolutionary knowledge seem to be more important in this regard. These results open up new interpretative perspectives and provide a better understanding of attitudes towards evolution.
Fifty years of deforestation in the Arc of Deforestation have put at risk species survival, ecosystem services and the stability of biogeochemical cycles in Amazonia, with global repercussions. In response, we need to understand the diversity, distribution and abundance of flagship species groups, such as primates, which can serve as umbrella species for broad biodiversity conservation strategies and help mitigate climate change. Here we identify the range, suitable habitat areas and population size of Vieira's titi monkey Plecturocebus vieirai and use it as an emblematic example to discuss biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation in one of the largest deforestation frontiers. Our findings show that deforestation for agriculture and cattle-ranching expansion is the major threat to P. vieirai and is responsible for present (%) and projected (%) reductions in habitat area and population size. We also found that human-driven climate change affects the P. vieirai niche negatively, triggering habitat degradation and further population decline even inside protected areas. Primate watching can be a profitable alternative to forest exploitation on private, public or Indigenous lands in the Arc of Deforestation and is a way to shift the traditional, predatory extraction of natural resources from Amazonia towards sustainable land use based on biodiversity conservation at local, regional and global scales, local people's welfare and climate change mitiga-tion. New models of land use and income generation are required to protect the unique natural and human heritages of the Arc of Deforestation and the life-supporting ecosystem services and products provided by Amazonia.
Obesity is associated with other diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Botryosphaeran, a fungal (1→3)(1→6)-β-d-glucan, is described to present antimutagenic, hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic, and antitumor activities when administered by gavage over 15 days in rats and mice. Thus, the present study aims to analyze the metabolic effects of Botryosphaeran (12 mg/kg body weight/day) treatment over 30 days in obese Wistar male rats. Obesity was induced in the rats by a high-fat/high-sugar diet for 8 weeks. Control rats received a standard diet. On the 5th week, Botryosphaeran treatment commenced. Groups: control, obese, and obese+Botryosphaeran 30 days. In the 8th week, obesity was characterized. Feed intake, glucose and lipid profiles, glucose tolerance, and insulin sensitivity were analyzed. Obese rats showed accumulation of visceral adipose tissue, reduction of muscle mass, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and dyslipidemia. Botryosphaeran effectively reduced weight gains and the accumulation of retroperitoneal adipose tissue, corrected the levels of glucose, triglycerides, and very low-density lipoprotein-cholestrol, and improved insulin sensitivity. Treatment for 30 days was effective in maintaining the beneficial effects demonstrated by this β-glucan when administered for 15 days without promoting side effects. Treatment with (1→3)(1→6)-β- d-glucan presented anti-obesogenic and beneficial metabolic effects in Wistar rats; important for the treatment of obesity and its comorbidities.
Our previous studies indicated that endophyte M7SB41 ( Seimatosporium sp . ) can significantly enhance host plants powdery mildew (PM) resistance. To recover the mechanisms, differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were compared between E+ (endophte-inoculated) and E- (endophyte-free) plants by transcriptomics. A total of 4094, 1200 and 2319 DEGs between E+ and E- were identified at 0, 24 and 72h after plants infected with PM pathogen Erysiphe cichoracearum , respectively. Gene expression pattern analysis displayed a considerable difference and temporality in response to PM stress between the two groups. Transcriptional profiling analysis revealed that M7SB41 induced plants resistance to PM through Ca signaling, salicylic acid (SA)signaling and phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathway . In particular, we investigated the role and the timing of the SA and jasmonic acid (JA)-regulated defensive pathways. Both transcriptomes and pot experiments showed that SA-signaling may play a prominent role in PM resistance conferred by M7SB41. Additionally, the colonization of M7SB41 could effectively increase the activities and the expression of defense-related enzymes under PM pathogen stress. Meanwhile, our study revealed reliable candidate genes from TGA, WRKY and pathogenesis-related genes related to M7SB41-mediate resistance. These findings offer a novel insight into the mechanisms of endophytes in activating plant defense responses.
We collected nine scutigeromorph centipede specimens in Colombia, which are the first records of Dendrothereua linceci (Wood, 1867) from the country and South America, expanding the the known distribution of the species. With these data, one more species of Scutigeromorpha centipede is added to the chilopod fauna of the region.
Maternal diabetes-mediated fetal programming is widely discussed, however, it is important to define the extent to which intrauterine hyperglycemia interferes with the health of female pups, along with determining whether these changes can be perpetuated across generations. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of maternal diabetes on fetal programming and the repercussions on the metabolism of pregnant and nonpregnant female pups. Diabetes status was induced (diabetic group—D) using streptozotocin (a beta cell cytotoxic drug) on the fifth postnatal day of female rats, while controls received a citrate buffer (Control—C). In adulthood, the rats were mated to obtain their female pups. At 90 days of age, half of the female pups were mated (preg) and the other half continued virgin (Npreg). Furthermore, they were distributed into four groups: OC/Npreg and OC/preg—female pups from control mothers; OD/Npreg and OD/preg—female pups from diabetic mothers. At 115 days of life and/or 17 days of pregnancy, the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was performed with blood collection for insulin measurement. At 120 days of life and/or 21 days of pregnancy, the rats were anesthetized and euthanized to determine their blood oxidative stress status. The OD/Npreg group showed glucose intolerance during OGTT (p < 0.0001), while the OD/preg group showed increased insulin secretion during OGTT (p < 0.0001) and insulin resistance (IR; p = 0.0027). An increase in homeostatic model assessment β was shown in the pregnant groups, regardless of maternal diabetes (p < 0.0001). The OD/preg group presented increased thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (p < 0.0001) and –SH levels (p = 0.0005) and decreased superoxide dismutase activity (p = 0.0063). Additionally, small fetuses for gestational age (p < 0.0001) were found in these rats. In conclusion, exposure to maternal hyperglycemia compromises the glycemic metabolism of female pups before and during pregnancy and causes oxidative stress, IR, and impaired fetal growth during pregnancy.
This study aimed to verify the influence of applying the Pendular Model of Tactical-Technical Training (Pendular Model) on decision-making and tactical-technical performance of U18 male volleyball athletes. A total of 44 U18 volleyball athletes participated in the study, divided into two groups: experimental group ( n = 23) and control group ( n = 21). The Declarative Tactical Knowledge Test in Volleyball was used for the decision-making analysis, while the Instrument for Technical-Tactical Performance Assessment in Volleyball was used for the specific tactical-technical performance components level analysis in the game. Experimental group athletes performed 24 training sessions using the Pendular Model, and control group athletes maintained 24 sessions of regular training. There was a significant difference in decision-making in the extremity attack and setting situations, being better in the experimental group than the control group in the pre and postintervention moments. There were significant differences in the adjustment, decision-making, and effectiveness components in athletes’ tactical-technical performance in game situations, being greater in the experimental group compared to the control group in the moments after 12 sessions and postintervention. It is concluded that the Pendular Model proved to be effective for improving decision-making in extremity attack and setting video situations and in the tactical-technical performance in the game in the adjustment, decision-making, and effectiveness components for male U18 volleyball athletes.
Despite advances in recent years, there remains a lack of information on the habitat specificity of many aquatic insects, especially for the most recently described taxa and for very diverse regions such as the Amazon. This study evaluates the relationship between niche breadth and habitat specificity of aquatic insects in 219 streams. Local environmental variation in streams impacted by multiple land uses have resulted in distinct assemblages in each region. An Outlying Mean Index analysis was use to evaluate niche position and revealed that environmental changes could favor specialist insects. For example, streams impacted in one of the regions had higher values of depth, dissolved oxygen, percentage of roots, and percentage of wood in the substrate. These conditions contributed to the occurrence of the locally tolerant Hydrosmilodon and Zelusia genera, as well as the locally sensitive genera Harpagobaetis, Leptohyphes, and Traverhyphes. Results showed that some taxa from each regional assemblage occupying less often occupied habitats, and these taxa are represented by few individuals and with a low frequency of occurrence. The knowledge generated here is important for protecting habitats and maintaining the local biodiversity of aquatic systems in the Amazon impacted by multiple lands uses and land conversion activities.
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