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    ABSTRACT: The following study is of an exploratory and operational nature. Its main objective consists of the estimation of a lineal correlation coefficient between two of the most important variables that have been studied in the Proyecto Venezuela of Fundacredesa; Height, and Graffar Socioeconomical Score of Mendez Castellano. The reached value (r = -0.28) which is based on choice considerations, restrictions, and the adjustment to a pertinent universe, constitute the maximum value that could have been achieved as of the sample gathered in the Proyecto Venezuela. To be able to calculate such value, it was necessary to implement heuristic procedures, designing and producing a complex model of statistical processing. This model allows the estimation of the correlation coefficient as if this coefficient was already obtained from individual and raw data level, but, in this case starting from the Proyecto Venezuela's published information, that only shows aggregate average values. While processing the data--additionally to the principal conclusion of the work that was obtaining the maximum value of the correlation coefficient--it was found that the average of the height variable, at each age group, remained basically unaltered in the I and II Social and Economical Strata, independently of the values that are reached in the Graffar Score.
    No preview · Article · Feb 1999 · Acta científica venezolana


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