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    ABSTRACT: Accounts of nineteenth-century burial practice in England borrow heavily from French historiography, which describes the way that scientific agendas drove a shift from traditional churchyard use to secular, municipal cemetery management. A challenge to this meta-narrative uses the example of Sheffield. In this highly industrialized city, the nineteenth century did not see a dichotomized translation from churchyard to cemetery; the Church Building Act (1818) was more effective in meeting burial demand than the 1836 General Cemetery; the formal closure of churchyards did not always lead to a cessation of burial; and by the century's end, church burial provision remained substantial.
    No preview · Article · Nov 2014 · Urban History
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    ABSTRACT: This study investigated seedling emergence in field sowings in terms of rate, and maximum seedling emergence, for twenty one species of forb, grass and geophyte species associated with montane South African grassland communities. Species were sown in early and late spring to compare the effect of sowing date on emergence characteristics and subsequent growth. RGR and mean individual standing biomass were calculated for a 150 day post sowing growth window. Species showed highly significant differences in the time taken to achieve 50% emergence, and species rankings on this basis changed according to the date of sowing. There were large differences in RGR between species that were also reflected in mean standing biomass per individual. The data provide a basis for a preliminary, comparative ecological characterization of these species and an insight into how these species establish and potentially avoid competitive elimination in mixed sowings in restoration ecology or in landscape architecture, in the first growing season. The study also provides some indication on how emergence and growth of individual species might affect recruitment and survival in their habitats.
    No preview · Article · Sep 2013 · South African Journal of Botany

  • No preview · Article · Oct 2012 · Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes
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