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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, a combined method of schlieren and digital colour image processing is developed to study the effect of ignition location on the propagation of propane diffusion flames. The early weak blue flame is visualised through selective digital imaging enhancement techniques, which have revealed that a typical orange diffusion flame is often formed inside a blue flame pocket at the beginning of the ignition when ignited at the centreline of the fuel jet. When the ignition location towards the out edge of the fuel/air mixing boundary, the orange flame shifted and gradually broke the blue flame pocket. In the meantime, the flame was observed to propagate faster. The ratio of orange flame areas rose and the blue flame area fell accordingly.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2015 · Energy Procedia
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    ABSTRACT: Experience has shown that higher shutter speed or framing rate may cause signal drop out and the loss of the weak flame emission. On the other hand, slow shutter speed or frame rate will not be able to resolve the higher flame oscillation frequency. In this study, two synchronised high speed cameras are used to investigate the effect of camera shutter speed and frame rates on the colour imaging quality and oscillation frequency of a premixed methane flame. Through an innovative digital imaging enhancement technique, the weak blue flame colour pixels can be selectively enhanced for better visualisation and analysis. As a result, the same flame imaged at different shutter speed can be compared and contrasted with good accuracy. Test cases are carried out to provide better understanding of flame structure and dynamics.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2015 · Energy Procedia
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    ABSTRACT: Accurate models are critical for the effective management of leaks in our water distribution systems. The increased use of plastic pipes has emphasised the need to assess the ability of current leakage assessment tools in quantifying the real losses from complex time and pressure dependent leaks. The numerical study presented in this paper shows that traditional Minimum Night Flow (MNF) analyses provide good approximations of the leak response, when the loading history and discrete pressure regimes are accounted for, of leaks in viscoelastic pipe. The time and dependent nature of such leaks are of greater significance when the response to short time period pressure transients are quantified, important for active leakage control methodologies in particular.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2015 · Procedia Engineering


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