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This research was conducted to determine the effect of Return on Equity (ROE) on Price Earnings Ratio (PER) and Price to Book Value (PBV) in LQ45 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). The data studied were financial reports published by 37 companies for four periods, namely 2015 to 2018. The data processing program uses the Eviews 9 program. The contribution of this article is to support investment decisions. The processing results show that ROE has a positive and significant effect on PER. and ROE has a positive and significant effect on PBV. Both are shown by the results of data processing in a positive correlation coefficient and beta coefficient. This correlation shows that in investors making investment decisions, ROE is used to make investment decisions. Then ROE will have an impact on company value. The higher the ROE, the higher the firm value will be. Furthermore, other factors influence PER and PBV, namely dividend playout ratio, return on assets, profit margin, inflation, interest rates, economic conditions, and company competition, both similar and different.
This study aims to develop adobe flash learning media based on metacognitive abilities. The research method used is research and development (R&D) with the ADDIE model, which consists of 5 stages: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Bantarkalong in the odd semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. Limited trials were carried out on five students of class XII MIPA 1, and field tests were carried out on class XII MIPA 2, which amounted to 21 people. The validation results of material and media experts stated that the adobe flash learning media based on metacognitive abilities was valid and could be used with some improvements.Based on the questionnaire responses, the limited trial students scored 191 in the "Good" category.At the same time, the results of the teacher's response questionnaire got a score of 132 in the "Very Good" class.Then the teaching activity observation sheet results obtained a teaching implementation score of 94% with the "Very Good" category. In addition, the results of the questionnaire responses from field test students scored 866 in the "Very Good" category.
To determine the suitability of different sorghum cultivars (grown in Indonesia) for the manufacturing of acceptable food products, their properties must first be characterised. During sorghum processing, polishing may affect the final nutritional value and quality of the product. This study is aimed at determining the effects of sorghum variety and polishing frequency on nutritional value. This was achieved by using a factorial randomised block design with two factors: sorghum variety (Bioguma, Numbu, and Super) and polishing frequency (once, twice, or thrice). Tannin content, antioxidant capacity, levels of dietary fibre and resistant starch, and fat, ash, and carbohydrate content varied according to sorghum cultivar. Compared to other sorghum varieties, the Super cultivar contained the highest levels of antioxidants, dietary fibre, fat content, protein, resistant starch, and tannins (although high tannin content could be lowered by polishing grains up to three times). The frequency of polishing affected tannin and ash levels in all three sorghum varieties. Polishing frequency also affected the antioxidant capacity of polished sorghum grains. The findings from this study should be considered when determining appropriate applications for various sorghum-based food products.
The issue of the environment continues to receive special attention from researchers. This is related to business operations' importance in paying attention to the profit aspect and environmental impacts to maintain the surrounding environment. Therefore, activities that affect carbon emissions must be reported annually. This is called carbon accounting. This study aims to map carbon accounting articles for 2012 to 2021 on the database. Using the keyword 'carbon accounting', the collected data was 500 articles. The study results found that the journal most relevant to carbon accounting is ‘The Science of the Total Environment’. Meanwhile, the journals that have the most significant impact are ‘Global Change Biology’, ‘Scientific Reports’, and ‘The Science of the Total Environment’. Meanwhile, the most productive journal is ‘The Science of the Total Environment’, followed by ‘Environmental Science and Pollution Research’. The most relevant and prolific authors were Wang Y, followed by Zhang Y and Zhang X. In addition, Wang Y and Zhang X were the authors who had the greatest impact. The distribution of words in articles with the theme of carbon accounting is dominated by 'carbon' and 'accounting'. This research shows that the theme is undergoing good development. Research data shows that the word 'carbon' is rapidly from 2012 to 2021. This study predicts that articles on carbon accounting will continue to increase in the years to come, especially the themes of 'emissions' and 'study' which have high development although their relevance is quite low. The development of research on carbon accounting is closely related to environmental issues which are currently being studied by many researchers, especially to achieve sustainable development goals.
Lecturers' active role as the spearhead of higher education has an essential role in improving higher education quality and sustainability. Therefore, assessing work behaviour is needed to measure how lecturers participate in achieving the vision and mission, quality improvement, and service guarantee to students and complementary documentation. This condition became the basis of research. They are implementing decision support systems with Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique Exploiting Ranges (SMARTER) and Graphic Rating Scale (GRS) to measure a lecturer's behaviour by using multiple criteria. With the SMARTER method and Behaviorally Anchor Rating Scale (BARS). By applying the impermeable BARS method, the work behaviour assessment process results in ease and accuracy that is more in line with the employees' behaviour being assessed. With the SMARTER approach, an assessment of employee work behaviour is produced, with 90% of alternatives used. The results are Good.
The main problem with electricity supply on densely populated islands is reliable, low-carbon, and sustainable electricity. The availability of potential energy needs in-depth observation to ensure that the system can be built sustainably. This paper examines the integration of PV systems and diesel power systems on Karimunjawa Island to meet the need for reliable systems from economic, ecological, and technological aspects. Using the DigSilent Power Factory program to obtain the system response interference and penetration of the Photovoltaic (PV) system. Furthermore, this paper also tests short circuit analysis and economic feasibility analysis while validating the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and Electric Production Cost (EPC) approaches. The results show that the availability of irradiation can handle the electricity needs on Karimunjawa Island. In addition, it proposes the designed requirements for an integrated PV power system and Diesel Power Plant (DPP) system. The research has also captured the synergistic profile of PV and DPP working coordination within 24 h.
Anemia and iron deficiency anemia (IDA) are indirectly caused by environmental factors. However, there are currently no studies on the differences in hematological parameters of anemia and nutritional intake in adequate and inadequate environmental conditions. This study aims to determine the differences in hematological parameters and nutritional intake of female students based on the environmental conditions of the Islamic boarding schools. It was a descriptive study with a cross-sectional design. A total of 167 girls from seven Islamic boarding schools in Tasikmalaya, West Java were recruited. Anemia was assessed by determining hemoglobin (Hb) levels, hematocrit (Ht) levels, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH,) and mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCHC). Environmental conditions of the boarding schools observed were the kitchen, bedrooms, toilet/bathrooms, and the outside environment (trash bins and handwashing stations). The study found that there is no difference in the hematological values (Hb, Ht, MCV, MCH, MCHC, and RDWCV) of students with adequate and inadequate environmental conditions. Students who lived in inadequate environment had higher intake of iron (p<0.005), protein (p<0.005), and vitamin C (p<0.005) than those who lived in adequate environment. However, the nutritional intake of adolescent girls in Islamic boarding schools was considerably lower than Indonesian Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Thus, no significant difference in hematological levels, which are indicators of anemia and IDA, could be found. Hence, to protect against anemia and IDA, adolescent girls should increase the quality and quantity of their nutritional intake, particularly iron, protein, and vitamin C.
Media pembelajaran daring sangat diperlukan terutama pada masa pandemi covid-19 saat ini. Namun, media pembelajaran yang tersedia belum mampu untuk menunjang proses dan manajemen dalam kegiatan pembelajaran yang dilakukan secara daring. Oleh karena itu perlu dilakukan pengembangan media pembelajaran daring terutama dalam pembelajaran matematika. Sehingga tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah mengembangkan media e-learning berbasis LMS yang dinamakan dengan ELMA ( E-learning for Mathematics ) dalam pembelajaran matematika. Metode penelitian yang dilakukan adalah penelitian dan pengembangan (R&D) dengan model ADDIE (analisis, desain, pengembangan, implementasi, dan evaluasi). Hasil validasi ahli materi diperoleh berada pada kategori “sangat baik”dan hasil validasi ahli media diperoleh berada pada kategori “sangat baik”, hal ini menunjukan bahwa pembelajaran matematika dengan menggunakan media ELMA layak untuk digunakan dalam pembelajaran. Selain itu, hasil uji coba terbatas terhadap satu kelas di kelas VIII diperoleh yang berarti bahwa pembelajaran matematika dengan menggunakan media ELMA mendapatkan respon yang “sangat baik”. Oleh karena itu, media ELMA layak dan dapat untuk digunakan dalam kegiatan pembelajaran.
English in-service teachers tend to encounter various challenges such as resources of teaching-learning (For example, book, additional support materials), learners' discipline, and classroom management. Hence, English in-service teachers are required to have the ability in managing their emotions. However, inadequate attention has been devoted to describing teachers' emotional management during teaching in the classroom. To fill this void, this study aimed at describing how the teacher manages her emotions during English language teaching in the classroom. One teacher of Vocational High school in Tasikmalaya participated as a research participant. The finding indicated that (1) Performing Entertaining activities as a strategy of mitigating saturated teaching routine, (2) Self-relaxing and avoiding harsh words during anger, (3) Strategies to reduce the annoyance. The fact is that the teacher has her way of managing their emotion during teaching in the classroom to continue to do her job professionally.
Background: Adolescent girls are at risk for iron deficiency anemia (IDA) due to the higher demand of iron for growth and the loss of blood during menstruation. Consumption of foods containing iron that have higher bioavailability can reduce the risk of IDA although diets that are largely plant-based, like those consumed by many Sundanese people, may not contain sufficient bioavailable iron. Here, we investigated the correlation between plant-based diets and IDA in adolescent Sundanese girls who were students at Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. Methods: A total of 176 girls from seven Islamic boarding schools in Tasikmalaya were recruited. Nutritional intake data were obtained using 24-hr dietary recall. Blood samples were analyzed with a Sysmex-XNL instrument to measure several parameters including hemoglobin, mean corpuscular volume (MCV), mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC). Results: The prevalence of IDA in the study population was 22.2%. Iron intake was 6.59 mg/day, which was lower than the recommended amount. The molar ratio of phytic acid to iron and vitamin C to iron was 8.72 and 0.03, respectively. There was a correlation between heme iron and both hemoglobin (p=0.009) and hematocrit (p=0.018). Iron from meat, fish, and poultry was correlated with hemoglobin (p=0.009) and hematocrit (p=0.011). Conclusion: The Sundanese plant-based diet did not affect the IDA status. Instead, IDA was associated with consumption of less animal-based foods that have iron with higher bioavailability. Increased access to an animal-based menu at the school cafeteria could be an approach to prevent IDA in students at Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia.
Divergent thinking and convergent thinking play a very important role in a person's creative thinking process to solve problems and these two types of thinking are related to hemispheric functions that will affect the way a person perceives information processing. This makes research important. The purpose of this study was to obtain a picture of divergent thinking and convergent thinking in the mathematical creative thinking process in terms of brain dominance. The research method used is qualitative with a descriptive exploratory approach. The instruments used were mathematical creative thinking questions, brain dominance tests, and unstructured interviews. The result of this research is that students who dominate the left brain in the creative thinking process are more dominant in convergent thinking, students who dominate the balanced brain in the creative thinking process are balanced in divergent thinking and convergent thinking, while student who dominate the right brain in the creative thinking process are more dominant in divergent thinking.
This study aims to determine the development of research trends on environmental accounting published by national and international journals. The data analyzed consists of 500 indexed research publications during the period 1981 to 2020. The data is then processed and analyzed using the R Bibliometric application to determine the bibliometric map of environmental accounting developments. The results showed that the number of publications on the development of the role of research related to environmental accounting has increased significantly. Then, the most common type of document that analyzes environmental accounting is journal articles. The most popular writer was Wood R, who during the research period he consistently conducted research on this theme, and the most popular keywords were energy, environmental and assessment.Keywords: Environmental Accounting, Energy, Bibliometrics RJEL Classifications: Q56, Q50, M41DOI:
ABSTRACT “Miners” bekerja untuk memecahkan masalah matematika yang kompleks untuk menghasilkan pendapatan dalam bentuk mata uang digital, seperti Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, dan lainnya. Proses mining ini membutuhkan perangkat keras yang serius dan sumber daya CPU yang signifikan untuk menciptakan cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking salah satu alat penambangan mata uang digital secara illegal. Cryptojacking dapat memberikan return yang lebih substansial bagi penyerang.Cryptominer jenis ini tidak terlalu membahayakan secara langsung kepada para korbannya, tetapi hanya saja menggunakan akses illegal ke komputer korban dan menggunakan sumber daya korban untuk menambang crypto. Metode yang digunakan adalah dynamic analysis. Dinamic Analysis adalah mencari informasi atau sampel mengenai malware dengan cara menjalankannya. Dengan metode ini dapat terlihat “perilaku” dari malware tersebut sehingga selanjutnya dapat dianalisa dampak yang terjadi. Pengujian malware ini dilakukan dengan 2 cara yaitu pengujian pertama dilakukan dengan javascript injection pada jaringan lokal yang sama dengan korban yaitu wifi publik dan pengujian kedua dengan mengakses website yang terindikasi skrip cryptojacking. Berdasarkan hasil analisis menggunakan dynamic analysis dimana cryptojacking dapat menginfeksi langsung ke website atau melalui jaringan local dengan javascript injection, jika website telah terinfeksi cryptojacking maka pengunjung dari website tersebut akan menjadi korban dan terjadi penambangan tersembunyi yang akan memakan sumber daya korban dan cryptojacking operator dalang dibalik website yang terinfeksi akan menerima keuntungan dalam bentuk mata uang digital dari hasil cryptojacking ini KEYWORDS computer; computer security; network
This study aims to analyzethe influence of the rice organic farmers’ entrepreneurship on the farming performance and identify the influence of farming technique or activities on the farming performance. This study used a survey method. The study was conducted in Manonjaya and Salawu sub-districts, Tasikmalaya regency, August until November 2019 which was chosen using purposive sampling technique applied to 50 samples. The respondents who were organic rice farmers were recruited using multistage purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling (SEM) with WarpPLS 2.0. The result show that the entrepreneurship significantly and positively affects farming techniques. Entrepreneurship has significant and positive influence on the organic rice farming performance. In addition, farming technique is significantly and positively influential on the organic rice farming performance.
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