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  • No preview · Article · Jun 2013 · Medicina Clínica
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    ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVES: Currently, there is no registry of utility values for the Spanish population that could potentially be used in economic evaluations. Consequently, a systematic review of utilities or preferences for health states in the Spanish population was conducted. The results related to mental health are reported. METHODS: A systematic review of the literature was conducted. The main databases searched were MEDLINE, CRD, Embase, PsycINFO, CINAHL, and Cochrane. The search strategy combined terms related to utilities and Spain. The inclusion criteria comprised the resident population in Spain, whether affected by any disease or not; the reported utilities had to be evaluated through a tool validated in Spain (i.e., EQ-5D, HUI, SF-6D) and/or following accepted techniques (e.g., time trade-off, standard gamble, or the visual analog scale). A narrative synthesis of articles was undertaken and the results related to mental health summarized. RESULTS: A total of 103 articles were finally included, from which 742 utility values were extracted. Sixty-nine utility values related to mental health and behavioral disorders were extracted from 12 studies. The most widely used tool was the E5-QD questionnaire. Most of the excluded articles evaluated quality of life but did not provide an estimation of utilities. CONCLUSIONS: This review adds value to research on utilities in Spain by gathering values to be included in economic evaluations, as well as by identifying research gaps in this field. The utility values related to mental health identified in this study are similar to those reported in international publications.
    No preview · Article · May 2013 · Gaceta Sanitaria
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    ABSTRACT: Objective To analyze information needs and search strategies among women with breast cancer in Spain. An additional aim was to explore how the internet, as a source of health information, influences the autonomy and active management of this disease among patients. The research was conducted in 2010 and 2011.Method This study forms part of a broader qualitative study that focuses on describing patients’ experiences of breast cancer and the trajectory of the disease, with the aim of creating a platform of integrated information resources for patients, relatives and healthcare professionals (PyDEsalud: We carried out 41 in-depth, semi-structured interviews with breast cancer patients in different stage of the disease, who were aged between 32 and 69 years. The interviewees’ were selected by intentional sampling, which included 15 Spanish regions. The field work was carried out from June to August, 2010. The interviews were recorded on videotape or audio. Based on patients’ narratives of their disease, a thematic-inductive analysis was performed of the information gathered.ResultsThe findings show the importance of the internet as a source of health information. Moreover, the internet is a resource that is able to promote the empowerment process among patients and, consequently, to aid improvement in disease management.Conclusions Users need access to web sites with high quality health information, adapted to their needs and objectives.
    No preview · Article · May 2013 · Gaceta Sanitaria


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