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The SUPRAPOWER, an EU FP7 funded research project, is developing an innovative 10 MW class superconducting generator to provide an important breakthrough in the offshore wind industry. Benefiting from the modular concept, the key challenges of such innovative 10 MW generator e.g. the modular superconducting coil and associated cryogenic systems could be validated through a scale-down rotating magnetic validator. The cryogenic cooling system for the RMV consists two modular cryostats, a distributing cryostat and the corresponding rotating cryocooler system with a self-developed rotary joint. In order to achieve the SC coils working temperature of 20 K, a two-stage G-M cryocool-er will be applied and linked to the two modular cryostats by means of conductive copper connection. The distributing cryostat was developed to envelop the cold head of the cryocooler, the thermal link, and three binary current leads to feed electrically the coils. A rotary joint with Ferrofluid sealing was developed to transfer the helium gas between the rotating cold head and sta-tionary oil-lubricated compressor. In this paper, the design, manufacture and assembly of this cryogenic system for RMV will be presented in details.
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