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12th May, 2022

Share your experiences in our State of the Research Community survey

At ResearchGate, we envision a world where researchers everywhere are empowered to do their best work. As the most visited platform in science, we have a unique opportunity to learn not only about what powers researchers’ successes, but also about the challenges that hold them back.To bring these barriers to light, we have launched our first global researcher survey: State of the Research Community.
Developed in partnership with the German Center For Higher Education Research And Science Studies (, the survey will run until June 2022, and aims to collect feedback from researchers at every stage of their career and from every part of the world, whether or not they have a ResearchGate account.
Read more in our blog post.
12th Apr, 2021

Report: Science hasn’t slowed, it’s just moved online

In spring 2020, as the novel coronavirus swept the globe, ResearchGate released a COVID-19 Impact Report. It provided insights about how the international scientific community was being impacted in those early days of the pandemic — in particular, how researchers’ work was being affected.
Amidst the collective fear and uncertainty, there was no way of forecasting the implications of the virus on our professional and personal lives: from the historically staggering rate of vaccine development and testing; to the increased public attention on science, with vaccine researchers lionized in the media; to the horrible human toll, with millions of lives cut short — all amid growing concerns about the development of new mutations of the virus.
In February, as we were approaching the one-year anniversary of national lockdowns through America and Europe, we surveyed 2000 registered scientists and researchers across the globe to understand how the ongoing social-distancing and lockdown measures are continuing to impact their work. Unsurprisingly, 97% of respondents report their research work has been affected, while 50% report a significant impact. Despite considerable changes in ways of working, scientists are continuing to find ways to remain productive.
This new report shines a light on researchers’ experiences of how the pandemic has changed the way they work, with first-hand accounts and aggregate data from the frontlines of science around the world. Ultimately, we hope this report provides a barometer for the current moment, and points to shifts in the way scientific research is produced, disseminated, and consumed.
If you’d like a deeper dive into the report, please watch this 12-minute webinar recording, featuring ResearchGate team members Max, scientific communicator, and Mateja, a trained molecular biologist.
7th Dec, 2020

Introducing Researcher Stories

A new collection of inspiring stories from ResearchGate's global community.
One of the most rewarding things for us at ResearchGate is hearing about the scientific and personal breakthroughs of our 19 million members. From innovators working to make science more open, to pioneers overcoming barriers, Researcher Stories is the place where you can meet and be inspired by our global research community.
31st Mar, 2020

Report: COVID-19 impact on global scientific community

There is no precedent to the pandemic in our hyper-connected age. Its effects on society and our everyday lives are terribly disruptive. As the network for scientists and researchers, we felt it was our responsibility to check-in with our registered members to understand their needs at this time, to understand how we might help.
In late March, in the early panic phase of the pandemic in America and Europe, we surveyed 3,000 registered scientists and researchers across the globe to understand how the coronavirus and social-distancing measures have impacted their research. 82% report that their research work has been affected. Nonetheless, they're finding alternative scientific activity to remain productive, despite limited access to their facilities.
In the following insights report, you will find a top-level summary of the data from our survey, which highlights new ways of working during this time. You'll also find an appendix with high-level data visualization, rooted in both survey data and researcher behavior online. We hope these insights help you better navigate your work during this unusual time.
If you'd like to dive deeper into the data, and learn about our hypotheses about COVID-19's impact on the future of scientific research activity, please watch this 13-minute webinar with our team members Darren and Abigail.
16th Mar, 2020

COVID-19: Free job posts for teams tackling coronavirus

As the global number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, ResearchGate is opening up its scientific job board and allowing teams actively working to combat the pandemic to post job advertisements for free.
Any team — whether part of an academic institution, company, research lab, hospital, society, or NGO — that needs to recruit scientists, researchers, or scientific support staff to combat the pandemic may now qualify to post advertisements for these roles on our network free of charge (for a limited time).
If you fall into this group and have jobs to post, contact our team at We'll be in touch to provide details about this limited offer and, if you're eligible, to facilitate your postings.