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11th Mar, 2021

Academic Phrasebank - Useful Academic Writing Phrases for Research Papers

Ref-n-Write academic phrasebank contains one of the most extensive collections of academic phrases compiled together by experts. The academic phrasebank is available as part of the Ref-n-Write academic writing software. This will be an indispensable resource for PhD students, academics, postdocs, and non-native English speakers. There are many other academic writing resources, such as Manchester academic phrasebank and academic wordlists, which are very popular among students and researchers. However, these are only available in pdf, book, and web formats, making it somewhat challenging to use actively during the writing process. Ref-n-Write software is a Microsoft Word Add-in that comes with tools and utilities that will enable you to access the academic phrasebank on the fly during the writing process to get paraphrasing and writing ideas. Ref-n-Write is available for both Windows and Mac. Ref-n-Write is one of the most used paraphrasing tools by academic writers. A small sample of academic phrases is made available in the limited online version of the Ref-n-Write academic phrasebank on the ref-n-write website for demonstration purposes.
Academic Phrasebank
Academic writing is different from general writing because the writer is expected to communicate their ideas in a formal and structured way. This is a skill one can only master by practice. Novice beginners are recommended to use appropriate academic writing resources and research tools to improve their academic writing skills. One such important writing resource is academic phrasebank. Academic phrasebank generally refers to a library comprising a large number of academic and scientific phrases that are deemed acceptable for use in academic essays and papers. Ref-n-Write academic phrasebank contains more than 20,000 academic phrases that have been hand-picked from thousands of research papers across multiple disciplines. These phrases were extracted by a team of academic experts and proof-readers. The academic phrases in the Ref-n-write phrase-bank predominantly contain generic sentence starters, verb and noun phrases, and expressions that have been used in a lot of previously published research papers. Repeated use of these phrases will not constitute plagiarism and will not cause any issues when running your paper through a plagiarism checker. The academic phrases in the phrasebank are organized under various headings that you will be required to include in a typical research paper. You can bring up the phrasebank by clicking on the Academic Phrasebank button in the Ref-n-write Tab, as shown in the figure below.
You can click on the plus icon to expand each heading and view the subheadings. The academic phrases that belong to each heading can be viewed by simply clicking on each heading or subheading, as shown in the figure below.
Getting Academic Writing Ideas
When you are writing a paper, it is common to suffer from writer’s block. You might have a hard time coming up with new ideas or finding the right words to express your ideas. A new feature called ‘Writing Ideas’ has been added to enable the users to look for writing ideas from the academic phrasebank. You can search the academic phrasebank for writing themes and ideas by simply selecting a piece of text in MS Word and then clicking the ‘Writing Ideas’ button. The tool will deploy AI algorithms to understand the type of statement you are trying to make and then bring up relevant headings and subheadings from the academic phrasebank. You can view the related academic phrases by simply clicking on the heading link. This is a particularly useful feature for beginner writers and non-native English speakers who are having trouble grasping the academic writing process. The screenshot below illustrates how you can search for writing ideas relevant to your writing in Ref-n-write.
Academic Paraphrasing Ideas
Paraphrasing is very important and frequently used by writers when it comes to academic writing. When writing your papers, you will be required to rephrase text that you want to use from previously published papers to avoid plagiarism issues. You should paraphrase and rewrite your own text if it has been previously published elsewhere, as it might count as self-plagiarism. There are numerous paraphrasing tools and rewording tools available in the market. Most of these tools are built for general writing. Ref-n-write is the only scholarly paraphrasing tool that has been exclusively built for academic writing. Ref-n-write paraphrasing tool allows users to search for rephrasing ideas from the academic phrasebank. To use the paraphrasing tool, you should select a sentence from your document in MS Word that you would like to rephrase or reword and click the ‘Paraphrasing Tool’ button in the Ref-n-Write button panel. The tool will search through the academic phrases and bring up phrase templates relevant to the selected text. The phrase templates give you an idea of how to convey the same thing in so many different ways by using a different choice of words. You can use this information to refine the language of the text being written by reusing words and phrases from the templates. This facilitates something called imitative learning, which is a legitimate learning method for improving your academic writing skills. Furthermore, you can bring up more similar phrase templates by clicking on the ‘more button’(…) that is shown next to each phrase template in the search results panel. The figure below illustrates how to get paraphrasing ideas from the academic phrase-bank within Ref-n-Write.
13th Jan, 2020

Academic Writing Tool for Research Students & Non-native English Speakers

(i) Import and Search Reference Materials
Drag and drop your reference materials related to your research paper or thesis.
Search through the documents within Microsoft Word. Cross-reference, check for plagiarism and recycle previous content.
(ii) Academic Phrasebank
Collection of more than 20,000 hand picked academic phrases available in the academic phrasebank.
(iii) Get Writing Ideas
Get writing and language ideas and develop your scientific writing skills.
(iv) Paraphrasing Tool
Get paraphasing and rewriting suggestions and improve your content.