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Introduction: Overactive bladder (OAB) is a common condition in urology that affects individuals of various ages and genders, significantly impacting their quality of life. Objectives: The study aimed to examine the effectiveness of gabapentin in treating OAB in Jordan. Patients and Methods: This study was conducted at a private clinic in Jordan between 2020 and 2022. It utilized a one-group pre- and post-test design involving 50 patients. The intervention involved administering gabapentin at a daily dose of 400 mg. The effectiveness of gabapentin was evaluated using the overactive bladder symptom score (OABSS) questionnaire, administered before and after six weeks of gabapentin administration. Results: The study sample consisted of 50 patients aged between 45 and 85 years, with a mean age of 65.2 years. After the treatment, all individual variables, such as urgency, frequency, nocturia, and urgency incontinence, showed significant reductions compared to the pre-intervention values. The mean total OABSS significantly decreased from 14.6 before to 6.8 after the intervention. The paired t test yielded a result of 9.84 with a P value of less than 0.001, indicating a statistically significant improvement. Conclusion: The noteworthy improvement in OABSS scores, urgency, nocturia, frequency of micturition, and urge incontinence observed in this study suggests that gabapentin could have a role as a treatment option for OAB patients.
The formation of the α-Al 2 O 3 scale on reactive element (RE)-doped FeCrAl alloys is commonly believed to be primarily caused by inward oxygen transport along grain boundaries. However, this study suggests that metal ion outward diffusion also plays a role in the development of the oxide scales and their microstructural characteristics. The study examines the oxidation behavior and grain boundary outward diffusion of iron-chromium alloys containing ~ 10 at% aluminum and ~ 22 at% chromium , doped with an over-critical concentration of REs, i.e., Zr and Hf. All samples were investigated after thermal exposure at 1100 °C by scanning electron micros-copy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and atom probe tomogra-phy (APT). As a result of the overdoping, a considerable increase in oxide growth, an increase in the depth of internal oxidation, and RE-oxide formation near and at oxide grain boundaries (GBs) were observed as a consequence of increased inward and outward diffusion. The effect of overdoping manifests itself differently depending on the RE type and amount due to different solubility, ionic size, and electronic structure of alumina. The sample with Zr retained the adhesion of alumina to the alloy after the first and second thermal exposure, while Hf overdoping resulted in severe spallation after the second thermal exposure.
The current study came to shed light on the role of public policy-making in the strategic performance according to the balanced scorecard model. Therefore, it was focused on the Executive Council of Karak Governorate in Jordan. A random sample of (84) respondent. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to test hypotheses. The results demonstrated that public policy-making has a positive impact on the strategic performance. Based on the previous results, the current study recommends reinforcing the principle of participation in drawing up public policies in the governorate in a better way than what is currently practiced.
This research aims to test the effect of managing diversity in human resources on the quality of work life. It was focused on telecommunications companies in Jordan. A random sample of (1066) respondent. Structural equation modeling (SEM) to test hypotheses. The results indicated an effect of the diversity of human resources in the telecommunications companies on the quality of work life. Researchers recommend managers to spread the culture of diversity and difference among employees in telecommunications companies due to the many advantages that these companies obtain as a result of the different experiences, knowledge, and skills.
This research aims to examine the impact of transformational leadership style on the quality of work life. It focused on telecommunications companies in Jordan. A random sample of (1066) was drown. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to examine hypotheses. The statistics showed that transformational leadership affects the quality of work life. The researchers recommend that there be a appropriate system to promotion and career advancement in the Jordanian telecommunications companies to ensure the achievement of its goals and the aspirations of its employees.
This research came to test the impact of work teams on achieving success in entrepreneurial projects. A random sample of (850) respondent was choosen. This study was conducted structural equation modeling (SEM) to test hypotheses. The results show that work teams have an impact on the entrepreneurial strategic projects. The researchers recommend strengthening the trend towards increasing the dependence of entrepreneurial projects on work teams in executing tasks.
Over the past decade, there have been significant developments in treatment for ovarian cancer, yet the lack of targeted therapy with few side effects still represents a major issue. The cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme family plays a vital role in the tumorigenesis process and metabolism of drugs and has a negative impact on therapy outcomes. Gaining more insight into CYP expression is crucial to understanding the pathophysiology of ovarian cancer since many isoforms are essential to the metabolism of xenobiotics and steroid hormones, which drive the disease’s development. To the best of our knowledge, no review articles have documented the intratumoral expression of CYPs and their implications in ovarian cancer. Therefore, the purpose of this review is to provide a clear understanding of differential CYP expression in ovarian cancer and its implications for the prognosis of ovarian cancer patients, together with the effects of CYP polymorphisms on chemotherapy metabolism. Finally, we discuss opportunities to exploit metabolic CYP expression for the development of novel therapeutic methods to treat ovarian cancer.
High-flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) is a respiratory support system, through which high flows of humidified and heated gas are delivered to hypoxemic patients. Several mechanisms explain how HFOT improves arterial blood gases and enhances patients’ comfort. Some mechanisms are well understood, but others are still unclear and under investigation. HFOT is an interesting oxygen-delivery modality in perioperative medicine that has many clinical applications in the intensive care unit (ICU) and the operating room (OR). The purpose of this article was to review the literature for a comprehensive understanding of HFOT in the perioperative period, as well as its uses in procedural sedation. This review will focus on the HFOT definition, its physiological benefits, and their mechanisms, its clinical uses in anesthesia, and when it is contraindicated.
Anthrax, a severe zoonotic disease, is infrequently reported in anthrax-endemic regions of Pakistan. Despite clinical reports indicating its presence, particularly cutaneous anthrax, there is insufficient laboratory evidence regarding disease occurrence and environmental persistence. The present study aimed to confirm Bacillus anthracis presence, accountable for animal mortality and human infection, while exploring environmental transmission factors. Between March 2019 and July 2021, a total of 19 outbreaks were documented. Of these, 11 affected sheep/goats in Zhob district and 8 affected cattle/sheep in Bajour Agency. Clinical signs suggestive of Bacillus anthracis outbreak were observed in 11 animals. Blood and swab samples were collected for confirmation. The study followed a One Health approach, analyzing animal, environmental (soil/plant), and human samples. Of the 19 outbreaks, 11 were confirmed positive for anthrax based on growth characteristics, colony morphology, and PCR. Soil and plant root samples from the outbreak areas were collected and analyzed microscopically and molecularly. Cutaneous anthrax was observed in six humans, and swab samples were taken from the lesions. Human serum samples (n = 156) were tested for IgG antibodies against PA toxin and quantitative analysis of anthrax toxin receptor 1 (ANTXR1). Bacillus anthracis was detected in 65 out of 570 (11.40%) soil samples and 19 out of 190 (10%) plant root samples from the outbreak areas. Four out of six human samples from cutaneous anthrax lesions tested positive for Bacillus anthracis. Human anthrax seroprevalence was found to be 11% and 9% in two districts, with the highest rates among butchers and meat consumers. The highest ANTXR1 levels were observed in butchers, followed by meat consumers, farm employees, meat vendors, veterinarians, and farm owners. These findings highlight the persistence of anthrax in the region and emphasize the potential public health risks.
Complex fuzzy sets (CFSs) have recently emerged as a potent tool for expanding the scope of fuzzy sets to encompass wider ranges within the unit disk in the complex plane. This study explores complex fuzzy numbers and introduces their application for the first time in the literature to address a complex fuzzy partial differential equation that involves a complex fuzzy heat equation under Hukuhara differentiability. The researchers utilize an implicit finite difference scheme, namely the Crank-Nicolson method, to tackle complex fuzzy heat equations. The problem's fuzziness arises from the coefficients in both amplitude and phase terms, as well as in the initial and boundary conditions, with the Convex normalized triangular fuzzy numbers extended to the unit disk in the complex plane. The researchers take advantage of the properties and benefits of CFS theory in the proposed numerical methods and subsequently provide a new proof of the stability under CFS theory. A numerical example is presented to demonstrate the proposed approach's reliability and feasibility, with the results showing good agreement with the exact solution and relevant theoretical aspects.
Testicular adrenal rest tumors (TARTs) are a common complication in male patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). The aim of our cross-sectional cohort study is to estimate the frequency of TARTs with the correlation of genotype and disease control on tumor development. Thirty-five male patients, aged 14–26 years, were included in the study, all followed by the same center of pediatric endocrinology in Bologna. We studied genotypes, hormonal profiles at different time intervals and testicular ultrasound. A logistic regression model with multivariant analysis was developed for the statistical analysis. TARTs were detected in 31.4% of the cases, 90.9% of them had a classic form with salt wasting, while 9.1% had a non-classic form. Additionally, a significant correlation between the incidence of TARTs and severity of genotype was detected. Patients with TARTs had markedly worse metabolic control on average (p = 0.027), reflected by high ACTH, 17OH progesterone, and overall delta4-androstenedione. In conclusion, a screening tool is mandatory, especially (but not exclusively) in patients with the most severe forms of CAH and poor endocrine control of the disease.
This study aims to investigate the adsorption characteristics of tetracycline from polluted waters using C-4-hydroxyphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene as an adsorbent. The adsorptive efficiency of C-4-hydroxyphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene is optimized by adjusting various operational parameters such as the adsorbent dosage, the pH, the contact time, the temperature, and the initial adsorbate concentration. The most efficient remediation is 96% at 10.0 mg/L tetracycline as the initial concentration, 0.05 mg/L C-4-hydroxyphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene, a contact time of 30 min, pH 5.6, and ambient temperature. The adsorption ability of C-4-hydroxyphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene toward tetracycline is also investigated in water with different characteristics, including solutions with and without the addition of background salts. The results show that C-4-hydroxyphenylcalix[4]resorcinarene can effectively remove tetracycline from aqueous solutions with an adsorption capacity of ca. 36.9 mg/g. The study also finds that the removal process followed pseudo-second order kinetics and Freundlich isotherm models. Moreover, the adsorption is spontaneous and exothermic, suggesting a thermodynamically favorable chemisorption process. In addition, the optimized method is successfully applied to remove tetracycline from various real natural water systems.
The quantum second virial coefficient Bq of low-dense ⁴He gas is calculated over the temperature range 1 mK–5 K. This is the first step in determining, according to standard expressions, the thermodynamic properties of the system, namely, the virial equation of state, compressibility factor, total internal energy, specific heat capacity, and entropy. These are compared to previous results wherever available. A large negative Bq is obtained. It is argued that this is intimately related to the formation of small clusters. Based on the semi-quantitative analysis, the cluster formation is predicted to occur in the present system at a fairly low temperature ~ 0.049 to 2.254 K. It is found that: (1) as the temperature decreases, the second virial coefficient deviates more and more from the classical behavior, thanks to quantum effects; and (2) from the pressure (P)-temperature (T) behavior, it is deduced that P is negative in the T-range 0.04 K < T < 0.17 K. In the negative-P regime, the system becomes unstable.
Citation: Al-Rawashde, F.A.; Al-Sanabra, O.M.; Alqaraleh, M.; Jaradat, A.Q.; Al-Wajeeh, A.S.; Johan, M.F.; Wan Taib, W.R.; Ismail, I.; Al-Jamal, H.A.N. Thymoquinone Enhances Apoptosis of K562 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Cells through Hypomethylation of SHP-1 and Inhibition of JAK/STAT Signaling Pathway. Pharmaceuticals 2023, 16, 884. https://doi. Abstract: The epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressor genes (TSGs) is critical in the development of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). SHP-1 functions as a TSG and negatively regulates JAK/STAT signaling. Enhancement of SHP-1 expression by demethylation provides molecular targets for the treatment of various cancers. Thymoquinone (TQ), a constituent of Nigella sativa seeds, has shown anti-cancer activities in various cancers. However, TQs effect on methylation is not fully clear. Therefore, the aim of this study is to assess TQs ability to enhance the expression of SHP-1 through modifying DNA methylation in K562 CML cells. The activities of TQ on cell cycle progression and apoptosis were evaluated using a fluorometric-red cell cycle assay and Annexin V-FITC/PI, respectively. The methylation status of SHP-1 was studied by pyrosequencing analysis. The expression of SHP-1, TET2, WT1, DNMT1, DNMT3A, and DNMT3B was determined using RT-qPCR. The protein phosphorylation of STAT3, STAT5, and JAK2 was assessed using Jess Western analysis. TQ significantly downregulated the DNMT1 gene, DNMT3A gene, and DNMT3B gene and upregulated the WT1 gene and TET2 gene. This led to hypomethylation and restoration of SHP-1 expression, resulting in inhibition of JAK/STAT signaling, induction of apoptosis, and cell cycle arrest. The observed findings imply that TQ promotes apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in CML cells by inhibiting JAK/STAT signaling via restoration of the expression of JAK/STAT-negative regulator genes.
The eastern Mediterranean has been experiencing aridification and a warming trend during the past two decades which could bring about land degradation. Physical and biophysical indices extracted from Landsat images were implemented to identify land degradation (LD) across the entire rainfed areas in Jordan during the growing seasons of 1998 through 2021. The study area was subdivided into three subzones to capture the unique interaction between climate gradient and LD. The NDVI and surface albedo were implemented to identify LD across the study area. Results show that LD, as demonstrated by the two metrics, increases as aridity increases, confirming the widely accepted notion that LD becomes more noticeable in marginal climate zones. These results are in line with the general drop of precipitation and the rise in air temperature observed across the study area. It is found that seasonal surface albedo is a robust satellite metric that can be used to monitor LD in semiarid areas because of its high dynamic stability compared to the NDVI which exhibits large interannual variations. An energy balance model shows that LD increases surface temperature which in turn enhances actual evapotranspiration losses and the risk of forest fires. The availability of archived satellite images makes it feasible to track different land surface processes like LD over an extended period of time, enabling the tracking of climate change over synoptic scenes. Satellite metrics have the potential to establish LD maps for countries where such maps are not available or are hard to obtain.
Background The use of telehealth in the management of care and care delivery has been increasing significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth is an emerging technology used to manage care for patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in Jordan. However, implementing this approach in Jordan faces many challenges that need to be explored to identify practical solutions. Purpose To explore the perceived challenges and barriers to using telehealth in managing acute and chronic CVDs among healthcare professionals. Methods A qualitative, exploratory study was conducted by interviewing 24 health professionals at two hospitals in different clinical areas in Jordan. Results Several barriers were reported by participants that affected the utilization of telehealth services. The barriers were categorized into the following four themes: Drawbacks related to patients, Health providers’ concerns, Procedural faults, and telehealth To complement the service only. Conclusions The study suggests that telehealth can be instrumental in supporting care management for patients with CVD. It means that understanding the advantages and barriers to implementing telehealth by the healthcare providers in Jordan can improve many aspects of the healthcare services for patients with CVD within the healthcare settings in Jordan.
Nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and good practices are essential for preventing malnutrition, ensuring good health, and maintaining life quality. However, to the best of our knowledge, no studies have been published on the nutritional knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAPs) of Jordanian older people. For this reason, our study aimed to assess the KAPs in the Jordanian elderly. A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 1200 people aged 60 and over. The results revealed that 52.8% of participants had poor knowledge, 52.7% had negative attitude scores, and 72.6% had poor practices. Significant differences were found between the three regions in the KAP prevalence (p < 0.001). The northern region had a higher prevalence of nutritionally poor knowledge (65.6%) compared to 52.5% and 40.4% for the central and southern regions, respectively. Participants from the central region had a higher prevalence of a positive attitude (55.4%), whereas the northern and the southern participants had a higher prevalence of a negative attitude (65.6% and 54.4%, respectively). All regions reported poor practices, yet, significantly, the northern regions had the highest prevalence of poor practices. Participants with a low educational level reported a significantly higher prevalence of poor knowledge, negative attitudes, and poor practices compared to participants with a high educational level. The results obtained underline the importance of taking into account the lack of nutrition-related KAPs among the elderly in Jordan. It is crucial to raise awareness on this issue and to implement the national nutrition strategy, with particular attention paid to the elderly. Concrete measures must be taken to ensure that the nutritional needs of older people are met and to improve their quality of life.
This article discusses a variety of important notions, including ideal convergence and ideal Cauchyness of topological sequences produced by fuzzy normed spaces. Furthermore, the connections between the concepts of the ideal limit and ideal cluster points of a sequence in a fuzzy normed linear space are investigated. In a fuzzy normed space, we investigated additional effects, such as describing compactness in terms of ideal cluster points and other relevant but previously unresearched ideal convergence and adjoint ideal convergence aspects of sequences and nets. The countable compactness of a fuzzy normed space and its link to it were also defined. The terms ideal and its adjoint divergent sequences are then introduced, and specific aspects of them are explored in a fuzzy normed space. Our study supports the importance of condition (AP) in examining summability via ideals. It is suggested to use a fuzzy point symmetry-based genetic clustering method to automatically count the number of clusters in a data set and determine how well the data are fuzzy partitioned. As long as the clusters have the attribute of symmetry, they can be any size, form, or convexity. One of the crucial ways that symmetry is used in fuzzy systems is in the solution of the linear Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equation (FFIE), which has symmetric triangular (Fuzzy Interval) output and any fuzzy function input.
This paper argues that editors of newspapers in the US, in their capacity to select and arrange news related to tragic events in Palestine/Israel, tend to follow an underlying political agenda largely conforming with US foreign policy towards Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab or Moslem world more generally. This is part of a popular American geopolitical imaginary, now being reconfigured through the primacy of ‘terror’ as the enemy number one of the American way of life, and most certainly, by proxy, of the Israeli way of life or the life of any Washington-oriented democracy. Reportage on cases of Palestinian tragedy and agony were represented as part of or the byproduct of protracted conflict within a kind of historical amnesia or bracketing out: Israeli state policy which victimises the Palestinians tends to be rendered invisible in such manipulation of reported reality. In other words, a deft editorial arrangement deflects possible blame on Israel by removing the events from their broader context and time frame. The reports centre on symptoms of the pathology rather than its underlying causes.
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