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    Full-text · Article · Aug 2010 · The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
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    ABSTRACT: There has been a consistent decline of Irish potato production in Kenya which challenges the food security status of the country. This paper used data from a field survey using a random sample of 127 smallholder potato producers from Nyandarua North District to assess technical efficiency in resource use and to identify the underlying determinants of variations in production efficiency. A dual stochastic parametric decomposition technique was used to derive technical efficiency indices while a two-limit Tobit model was used to examine the effects of socio-economic characteristics and institutional factors on the derived technical efficiency indices. Results show that resource use is subject to decreasing returns to scale while the mean technical efficiency is 67%. Education, access to extension, access to credit and membership in a farmers' association and innovations positively and significantly influence technical efficiency. Therefore, Innovative institutional arrangements that enhance extension and farmer training, accompanied with improved access to credit are likely to enhance potato production efficiency.
    Full-text · Article · Jul 2010 · African journal of agricultural research
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    ABSTRACT: Irish potato production in Kenya has been on the decline, yet this crop is a major staple and a source of cash from sales. Using a random sample of 127 smallholder farmers in Nyandarua North district this paper applied a dual stochastic efficiency decomposition technique and a two -limit Tobit model, after disaggregating economic efficiency components using a dual stochastic frontier function, to analyze resource allocative efficiency in Irish potato production. This is in view of the unclear determinants of declining potato production trends in Kenya and considering that the Irish potato is a major staple and cash crop. The paper establishes that Irish potato production in Nyandarua North district is characterized by decreasing returns to scale with a mean allocative efficiency of 0.57. It was further established that farming experience, access to extension and credit, and membership in a farmers' association positively and significantly influenced allocative efficiency. Implications of the study results are drawn.
    Full-text · Article · Apr 2010 · Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics


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