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    ABSTRACT: We have investigated time course of interaction between liposome and amyloid-beta protein (Aβ) by Dielectric Dispersion Analysis (DDA), especially for frequency range over 1 GHz. Observed dielectric relaxations showed that their relaxation width changes with time and the change depends on the concentration of Aβ. It is considered that the dynamics of relaxation width is related to the aggregation and fibrillization of Aβ protein. In particular, a low concentration of Aβ (1 μM) has been successfully discriminated this time. We expect that this technique can be applied to biomedical sensing for Aβ detection.
    No preview · Article · Dec 2015 · Procedia Engineering
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    ABSTRACT: Intrinsic stress of sol-gel derived lead-zirconate-titanate (PZT) films has been investigated from the viewpoint of diaphragm buckling behavior for highly sensitive structures of piezoelectric ultrasonic microsensors. Since upward-buckled diaphragms of the sensors yield higher sensitivity than flat or downward ones, a fabrication process which enables the diaphragms to buckle spontaneously upward was developed owning to intrinsic tensile stress of the PZT films. To control the intrinsic stress as adequate for the upward buckling, calcination temperature in the sol-gel deposition process has been modified in the range from 300°C to 400°C. The stress has decreased with increasing the temperature in the range and the 400°C-calcined PZT films have shown a suitable stress for the buckling deflection and probability of upward buckling for the sensor diaphragms.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2015 · Procedia Engineering
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    ABSTRACT: Due to the reduction of the number of persons engaging in traditional skills, efficiently archiving traditional skills is needed to preserve and transmit them to future generations. It is important for archiving various traditional skills to concisely and accurately represent several fundamental movements in the traditional skills. Additionally, a pause called “Ma” in Japanese is also a remarkable component in many kinds of traditional skills. We thus propose an efficient representation of the fundamental movements and pause focusing on the motion data obtained by a motion capture system and given as time series of the positions of some markers. The effectiveness of the proposed representation is evaluated through an experiment of discriminating several kinds of fundamental movements and the pause in Japanese traditional tea ceremony. We show that many kinds of fundamental movements can be concisely described and accurately discriminated by using the proposed representation. In addition, we give consideration about the proposed representation for an efficient archiving.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2015


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    Kyoto, Japan
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