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Odontoma is one of the most common benign tumors of the maxillofacial region of contemporary humans and animals. The etiology and pathogenesis of odontoma have not been studied well enough. The morphology of human and animal odontomas (dogs and hedgehogs) was studied using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microtomography. It was found that the morphological structure of the odontomas is characterized by heterogeneity. The methods of morphological investigation we used allowed to differential diagnosis of odontoma and to clarify its classification type, as well as to study in detail the unique morphological features of each sample. The chemical composition of the studied hard tissues of the odontomas in most cases corresponds to the composition of hard tissues of the teeth of contemporary humans and animals.
Background. takotsubo cardiomyopathy (tcm) occurs more frequently in cancer patients than in the general population. The triggers for tcm in cancer patients include not only the inflammatory state of the cancer itself, but also the significant emotional stress of a cancer diagnosis and the physical stress associated with invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures. Case presentation . We describe the case of a 54-yearold woman with histologically verified rectosigmoid junction cancer (cT4bcN2M0) complicated by acute intestinal obstruction. In the early postoperative period, a sudden drop in blood pressure, t-wave inversion and Qt-interval prolongation on ecg, decrease in the left ventricle contractility and presence of wall motion abnormalities on echocardiography (ecHo), as well as an increase in biomarkers of myocardial damage were initially regarded as acute coronary syndrome, which was subsequently excluded according to the findings of coronary angiography, which did not reveal coronary artery obstruction. taking into account the rapid and complete inverse dynamics of changes, acute myocardial infarction without coronary artery obstruction and acute myocarditis were excluded. Ultimately, the diagnosis of takotsubo cardiomyopathy was established. Conclusion. this case report indicates that cancer can be a trigger for the development of tcm; therefore, the assessment of cardiological status and timely detection of cardiac complications in cancer patients during cancer treatment is extremely important and is aimed at increasing the overall survival in this category of patients.
Introduction: There is no adequate and easily reproducible model of complicated necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) that allows to study its etiopathogenesis and test various surgical treatment options in an experiment. Objective: To devise a method for in vivo modeling of complicated NEC using laparoscopy. Materials and methods: Our study was conducted at the premises of the Laboratory of Experimental Surgery and Oncology (Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Medicine, Kursk State Medical University) in compliance with international ethical standards and guidelines for humane animal treatment. Fifteen immature male rabbits underwent laparoscopy under inhalation anesthesia and then subserosal injection of damaging solutions (33% H 2 O 2 , 10% CaCl 2 , 4% KCl, 70% C 2 H 5 OH, 10% CH 2 O) into the intestinal wall. In 24 hours, we performed laparotomy, assessed pathological changes visually, and resected the section of the intestinal tube at the injection site. Then we performed a single­layer end­to­end intestinal anastomosis. Histological samples were made from a biopsy specimen. Morphological assessment of the changes was performed. Results: The most pronounced macro­ and microscopic changes were found in the animals injected with hydrogen peroxide. We assessed changes in the abdominal cavity 24 hours since the start of modeling and observed a pattern of partial intestinal obstruction and serous peritonitis. The morphological pattern was characterized by acute circulatory disorder in the intestinal wall with ulcerative necrotic defects and perforations. Conclusions: Based on morphological manifestations we devised a method for modeling complicated NEC using laparoscopy. It is easily reproducible in an in vivo experiment, close to the clinical situation, and allows to simulate typical morphological changes during severe NEC.
The scale of bullying among teenagers is becoming global. Students with intellectual disabilities are subjected to emotional, physical and mental pressure in educational institutions for children with disabilities, which ensures the need to develop and implement an anti-bullying competence model of prevention. The study involved 26 teenagers from Kursk Boarding School No. 3 at the age of 14-16. Data collection was carried out through observation and conversation using standardized methods for diagnosing the socio-psychological determinants of bullying. The implementation of the ascertaining and control stages of the formative experiment included diagnosing the risk of bullying, sociometric status and the prevalence of bullying in the educational environment, as well as evaluating the results using statistical methods of mathematical analysis (“Statistica 11.0”). Developed in accordance with the competency-based model of preventing school bullying among adolescents, the program is aimed at reducing the level of bullying through the optimization of their intragroup relationships. Evaluation of the results of its implementation testified to changes in the prevalence of bullying and a change in the status-role structure of the experimental group in comparison with the control group and with the results of primary diagnostics, and hence its effectiveness. The class team showed a high degree of cohesion, discipline and organization. Measures were successfully carried out to raise awareness of all participants in the educational process, to create a favorable socio-psychological climate in the school community for the comprehensive development of the personality of adolescents with intellectual disabilities. Adolescents demonstrated high activity not only during school hours, but also outside school hours.
p style="text-align: justify;">The article is devoted to the development of a conceptual model for studying the features of coordination functions (static, dynamic, spatial, object and symbolic coordination) in hearing-impaired children of primary school age based on the results of a pilot study. As you know, the relationship between auditory perception and coordination functions is determined not only by the visual analyzer, but also by the auditory one. The signals coming from the auditory and visual analyzer are the regulators of human movements. Therefore, the loss of the auditory canal from this system leads to a violation of the development of coordination functions, and subsequently affects the mental development of the child, his relationship with other people and adaptation in society. As a key approach to understanding the features of coordination functions, the level psychophysiological theory of N.A. Bernstein (provisions on the theory of the coordination function), according to which each new systemic level of movement construction develops on the basis of the previous one and includes it, and the previous level acquires a new quality and is enriched at the expense of the next one. In our study, the movement building system is five-level and includes the level of static coordination (A), the level of dynamic coordination (B), the level of spatial coordination (C) and the level of object coordination (D) and the level of symbolic coordination (E). In accordance with the results obtained, there is an immaturity of coordination functions and a decrease in their dynamic characteristics such as tempo and accuracy, which indicates the insufficiency of all these levels of movement organization in children of primary school age with sensorineural hearing loss in comparison with children without hearing impairment.</p
We studied the reparative and antioxidant effects of Thymogen and its new structural analogues obtained by binding amino acid D-Ala to the N- or C-end of the peptide molecule in acute toxic hepatopathy. Intragastric administration of carbon tetrachloride for 5 days caused the development of fat degeneration of hepatocytes, a decrease in catalase activity, and an increase in malondialdehyde concentration. Administration of peptides suppressed oxidative peroxidation and stimulated reparative regeneration of hepatocytes; Thymogen analogues produced more pronounced hepatotropic and antioxidant effects than Thymogen. Inclusion of D-Ala enhanced the effect of Thymogen on the processes of regeneration in hepatocytes and the antioxidant effect under conditions of acute carbon tetrachloride hepatopathy. The highest efficiency was achieved when the amino acid was added to the C-end of the molecule.
He aim of the study was to determine the role of polymorphisms of the GGT1 gene and environmental risk factors in the acute biliary pancreatitis. The material of the study was DNA samples obtained from 84 patients with ABP and 573 healthy individuals. The disease was diagnosed using clinical guidelines (Russian Society of Surgeons). To assess the associations of alleles and genotypes of the gene with the risk of acute pancreatitis, the χ2 test and the odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI) were used. Statistical analysis was carried out using the Statistica 10.0 program (StatSoft, USA) and the SNPStats program. Results. It was found that the A/A-G/G rs5760489 and A/A rs4820599 GGT1 genotypes have an increased risk of ABP. The H3 A-A-A-A haplotype is associated with a reduced risk of the disease, while the H6 A-G-A-A haplotype, on the contrary, increases the risk of developing the disease. The absence of exposure to alcohol abuse reduces the risk of ABP in carriers of the genotypes A/G-G/G rs5760489, A/G-G/G rs4820599, smoking -A/G-G/G rs4820599 and A/G-G/G rs5760489. The A/G-G/G rs4820599, G/A-A/A rs5751909 and A/G-G/G rs5760489 genotypes have a protective effect with sufficient consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, the main suppliers of glutathione to the body. The presence of glutathione deficiency leads to the oxidative stress, and phenotypic changes we found: leukocytosis (allele A, rs5760489), peritonitis (allele A, rs5751909). Conclusion. The GGT1 gene can be used to predict the development and clinical course of acute biliary pancreatitis and its complications.
The widespread use of pesticides can lead to disruption of the ecological balance between the external environment and the human body, provoking the development of oxidative stress, which leads to an increase in toxic forms of damage to organs and systems of the macroorganism. The present study shows the effect of subchronic intoxication with the fungicide tiram on the morphological and functional state of gum tissues, as well as the use of plant antioxidants of vitamin C and silybum extract to stop the inflammatory process and to increase the regenerative potential of gum structural components. The aim was to study of morphofuncmorphofunctional changes in gum tissue during subchronic intoxication with the fungicide tiram and correction with vitamin C and silybum extract. Material and methods . The experiment was performed on 150 male Wistar rats, which were orally administered the fungicide thiram for 28 days, followed by antioxidant therapy. Morphofunctional changes in the mucosal epithelium and the cellular composition of the subepithelial layer were analyzed to assess the severity of inflammatory changes in histological preparations. Fibroblastic differon cells, macrophages and inflammatory cells of granulocytes and lymphocytes were differentiated by karyological signs, and the thickness of the epithelial layer, the areas occupied by the fibrous, vascular and cellular components were measured. Results . According to the results of the morphological and morphometric analysis, pathomorphological changes in the gum structure caused by pesticide intoxication were reliably proven. After the use of antioxidants, there was a significant decrease in inflammatory processes in non-resident cells, the number of blood vessels in the lamina propria, as well as interstitial edema in it. Reparative processes were manifested by the migration of fibroblastic cells, the initiation of collagenogenesis, and an increase in the fibrous component. Conclusion . Thus, the effect of using silybum extract and vitamin C as a means of normalizing the morphofunctional state of gum tissue after thiram intoxication has been shown.
Aim To study the relationship of single nucleotide polymorphisms rs2681472 and rs17249754 in the ATP2B1 gene with risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD) and arterial hypertension (AH) among residents of Central Russia and to evaluate the trigger role of smoking as a risk factor for development of IHD and AH in carriers of ATP2B1 gene polymorphic variants. Material and methods The study included DNA samples from 1960 residents of Central Russia of Slavic origin. Among them, there were 1261 patients with cardiovascular diseases and 699 healthy persons. The vast majority of patients had both IHD and AH. Genotyping was performed using the iPLEX technique on a MassARRAY-4 genomic mass-spectrometer. The relationship of ATP2B1 alleles, genotypes, and haplotypes with the risk of diseases was calculated by logistic regression analysis with adjustments for sex and age. Results Carriage of AG and GG (rs2681472) genotypes and GA (rs17249754) genotype was associated with a reduced risk of both IHD (p=0.0057 and p=0.022 for rs2681472 and rs17249754, respectively) and AH (p=0.016 and p=0.036, respectively). Rare rs2681472G-rs17249754G and rs2681472A-rs17249754A haplotypes were associated with a reduced risk of IHD (odds ratio, OR, 0.22; 95 % CI: 0.11–0.46, p=0.0001) and AH (OR, 0.22; 95 % CI: 0.10–0.47, p=0.0001). Analysis of the groups stratified by the smoking status showed that in smokers, the studied polymorphic variants did not have a protective action with respect of either IHD or AH. However, in non-smokers, the genotypes AG and GG rs2681472 (OR, 0.62; 95 % CI: 0.47–0.80, p=0.0004) and GA rs17249754 (OR, 0.61; 95 % CI: 0.47–0.81, p=0.0004) were associated with a reduced risk of IHD and AH (OR, 0.63; 95 % CI: 0.48–0.83, p=0.0004 for rs2681472; OR, 0.63; 95 % CI: 0.48–0.83, p=0.001 for rs17249754), as well as the carriage of the minor alleles rs2681472‑G and rs17249754‑A. Conclusion It was shown for the first time that the polymorphic variants rs17249754 and rs2681472 of the ATP2B1 gene are associated with a reduced risk for IHD and AH only in non-smokers.
Purpose. Investigate the structural features of boron nitride films obtained by the Langmuir-Blodgett method. Observe fluorescence spectra and determine the band structure of the resulting coatings using optical methods. Methods. The deposition of Langmuir films was carried out using the KSV NIMA 2002 setup from the colloidal solution of ST BN/CHCl 3 . The study of optical properties was conducted using the SF 2000 spectrophotometer in spectral range 200 – 1100 nm and the confocal Raman microspectrometer OmegaScope AIST-NT with spectral resolution 3 cm ⁻¹ . Surface morphology investigation was performed using the scanning probe microscope SmartSPM AIST-NT with standard silicon cantilevers NSA10, tip radius 7 nm. The band structure modeling of stabilized boron nitride nanoparticles was carried out using the MaterialsStudio 2020 software package with the CASTEP module. Results. The spectral characteristics of deposited film structures made of stabilized hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles have been investigated. The hydrodynamic size of the nanoparticles was determined to be ~100 nm using optical methods, while the lateral size of the nanoparticles in Langmuir films was found to be 84.6 nm, calculated from the spectral peak at 1360 cm ⁻¹ with E2g symmetry, and 82.4 nm based on scanning probe microscopy data. Absorption and fluorescence spectra of colloidal particles were obtained, showing an unusually large Stokes shift of 105 nm and a quantum yield of 0.72. The bandgap width of the stabilized nanoparticles was measured using the Tautz method and ab-initio modeling, resulting in values of 5.79 eV and 5.46 eV, respectively. Conclusion. The study examines the surface morphology, optical properties, and band structure of the deposited Langmuir films made of stabilized boron nitride nanoparticles.
Purpose. Preparation of a colloidal solution stabilized with stearic acid of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles, analysis and visualization of structure formation and its spatial characteristics, creation and study of floating monolayers on the water surface. Methods. The determination of the chemical structure was carried out using IR spectroscopy; modeling of the crystal structure and processes of colloidal solution synthesis was carried out using the Materials Studio 2020 software package with CASTEP, Forsite, Blends Calculation and Dmol3 modules; study of the formation of a monolayer on a setup for the formation and study of monolayers by the Langmuir-Blodgett method KSV Nima 2002, equipped with a Wilhelmy balance, Brewster microscopy and thermal stabilization. Results. A colloidal system of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles stabilized with stearic acid has been synthesized. The absence of chemical reactions and molecular deformations of stearic acid in the dispersed medium of a colloidal system (chloroform), as well as deformations of crystalline and molecular structures during passivation of stearic acid molecules on the surface of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles are shown using first-principles modeling. IR spectroscopy methods have established the complete evaporation of the dispersion medium and the fact of stable stabilization of nanoparticles. The obtained IR spectroscopy results are in good agreement with ab-initio modeling data showing the attachment of stearic acid molecules to the surface of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles by polar groups containing oxygen atoms, since in this case the minimum energy value of this system is achieved. Conclusion. The paper shows the possibility of stable stabilization of hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles by stearic acid molecules and subsequent creation of a monolayer from them for deposition of defect-free thin films by the Langmuir-Blodgett method with demanded mechanical, electrical, optical and thermal properties.
Aim. To compare heart rate variability parameters in patients after a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) during the inhospital and post-hospital periods. Material and methods. A total of 140 patients with STEMI were divided into 2 groups: I — patients with STEMI who had COVID-19 (n=52) in the period of 1,5-6 months before acute coronary syndrome, II — comparison group (n=88), which included patients with STEMI without prior COVID-19. All patients underwent infarct-related artery stenting within the first 24 hours from the onset. Heart rate variability (HRV) parameters were determined for all patients on days 2-3 and days 9-11 and 6 months after the hospitalization for STEMI. Results. Patients in group I showed more pronounced changes in HRV indicators on days 2-3 of STEMI: RMSSD (root square of successive RR intervals) by 21% (p=0,026), variations (Var) (the difference between the minimum and maximum RR intervals) by 33% (p=0,013), VLF (total very low-frequency HRV) by 7% (p=0,009) were higher, and HF (highfrequency HRV) by 40% (p=0,003), pNN50% (ratio of the number of consecutive RR interval pairs differing by >50 ms to the total number of RR intervals) by 66% (p=0,038) were lower than in the control group, respectively. On days 9-11 of the disease in patients with a history of STEMI and COVID-19, in contrast to the control group, there was a more pronounced increase in the SDNN (standard deviation of RR intervals) by 46% (p=0,005), VLF by 42% (p=0,031), whereas in the control group there were an increase of only 22% (p=0,004) and 11% (p=0,022), respectively. The HF value in the main group increased by 25% (p=0,007), while in the control group it decreased by 19% (p=0,030). Six months after STEMI in the main group, the RMSSD decreased by 19% (p=0,009), Var by 16% (p=0,041), VLF by 30% (p=0,025), LF (low-frequency component HRV) by 11% (p=0,005), while the control group these parameters decreased by 20% (p=0,006), 21% (p=0,001), 9% (p=0,011), and 7% (p=0,016), respectively. Conclusion. In patients with STEMI and prior COVID-19, the initial HRV values differ from similar HRV parameters in patients with STEMI without prior COVID-19. In the hospital and post-hospital periods, the changes of HRV in patients with and without COVID-19 are multidirectional as follows: pronounced sympathetic hyperactivity predominates, and slower recovery of HRV in patients after COVID-19 predominates.
In the ongoing search for practical uses of rare-earth metal nanoparticles, cerium dioxide nanoparticles (nanoceria) have received special attention. The purpose of this research was to study the biomedical effects of nanocrystalline forms of cerium oxide obtained by different synthesis schemes and to evaluate the effect of different concentrations of nanoceria (from 10−2 to 10−6 M) on cells involved in the regeneration of skin cell structures such as fibroblasts, mesenchymal stem cells, and keratinocytes. Two different methods of nanoceria preparation were investigated: (1) CeO-NPs-1 by precipitation from aqueous solutions of cerium (III) nitrate hexahydrate and citric acid and (2) CeO-NPs-2 by hydrolysis of ammonium hexanitratocerate (IV) under conditions of thermal autoclaving. According to the X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and dynamic light scattering data, CeO2-1 consists of individual particles of cerium dioxide (3–5 nm) and their aggregates with diameters of 60–130 nm. CeO2-2 comprises small aggregates of 8–20 nm in diameter, which consist of particles of 2–3 nm in size. Cell cultures of human fibroblasts, human mesenchymal stem cells, and human keratinocytes were cocultured with different concentrations of nanoceria sols (10−2, 10−3, 10−4, 10−5, and 10−6 mol/L). The metabolic activity of all cell types was investigated by MTT test after 48 and 72 h, whereas proliferative activity and cytotoxicity were determined by quantitative cell culture counting and live/dead test. A dependence of biological effects on the method of nanoceria preparation and concentration was revealed. Data were obtained with respect to the optimal concentration of sol to achieve the highest metabolic effect in the used cell cultures. Hypotheses about the mechanisms of the obtained effects and the structure of a fundamentally new medical device for accelerated healing of skin wounds were formulated. The method of nanoceria synthesis and concentration fundamentally and significantly change the biological activity of cell cultures of different types—from suppression to pronounced stimulation. The best biological activity of cell cultures was determined through cocultivation with sols of citrate nanoceria (CeO-NPs-1) at a concentration of 10−3–10−4 M.
The aim of the study was to compare the quality of life in patients after treatment of deep vein thrombosis with regional catheter thrombolysis using alteplase and urokinase, and to compare the results with clinical examination data. Material and methods. The assessment of quality of life and data from a control objective examination were conducted in 32 patients with deep vein thrombosis, divided into two statistically homogeneous groups of 16 individuals each. Alteplase was used for thrombolysis in the fi rst group, while urokinase was used in the second group. The quality of life in patients was evaluated using two questionnaires: SF-36 and CIVIQ-20. The severity of venous disease was determined based on the clinical assessment of venous return impairment. Results . In the fi rst group, the physical component of health according to the SF-36 questionnaire was 56 (49.5; 56.3), the psychological component was 54 (50; 68.8), while in the second group it was 34 (33; 34) and 38 (31.3; 45) respectively. The overall health assessment according to the CIVIQ-20 questionnaire was 20 (10.8; 30) in the fi rst group and 40 (32.8; 43.8) in the second group. In the clinical examination, venous return impairment was absent or mild in 75% of patients in the fi rst group, and equally distributed between mild and severe in 50% of patients in the second group. Conclusion . Alteplase thrombolysis has a more positive impact on the quality of life in patients compared to urokinase.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated significant promise for the present and future diagnosis of diseases. At the moment, AI-powered diagnostic technologies can help physicians decipher medical pictures like X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography scans, resulting in quicker and more precise diagnoses. In order to make a prospective diagnosis, AI algorithms may also examine patient information, symptoms, and medical background. The application of AI in disease diagnosis is anticipated to grow as the field develops. In the future, AI may be used to find patterns in enormous volumes of medical data, aiding in disease prediction and prevention before symptoms appear. Additionally, by combining genetic data, lifestyle data, and environmental variables, AI may help in the diagnosis of complicated diseases. It is crucial to remember that while AI can be a powerful tool, it cannot take the place of qualified medical personnel. Instead, AI ought to support and improve diagnostic procedures, enhancing patient care and healthcare results. Future research and the use of AI for disease diagnosis must take ethical issues, data protection, and ongoing model validation into account.
Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like receptors (NOD-like receptors) are cytosolic signaling receptors of innate immune cells recognizing ligands derived from bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. They can initiate apoptosis and pro-inflammatory cytokines production. Meanwhile, the role of decidual NOD-like receptors in pathogenesis of early miscarriages remains unknown. Aim : to study NOD-like receptor (NOD1, NOD2, NLRP1, NLRP3, NLRC4) messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) expression in decidual tissue from patients with missedand spontaneous abortions compared to progressive pregnancy. Materials and Methods . NOD1, NOD2, NLRP1, NLRP3, NLRC4 and pathway protein receptorinteracting-serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 (RIP-2) mRNA expression in decidua from 34 patients with missed abortions (group I), 34 patients with spontaneous abortions (group II) and 57 women with progressive pregnancy admitted for artificial abortion (group III, control group) were analyzed by reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) at gestational age of 6–10 weeks. Exclusion criteria were as follows: endocrine disorders, severe extragenital diseases, antiphospholipid syndrome, inherited thrombophilia, uterine malformations and fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Samples were collected by uterine abrasion. Results . It was found that mRNA expression of NOD2 was significantly higher in decidua from patients with missed and spontaneous abortions, whereas for RIP-2 (related to relevant signaling pathway) – in women with missed abortions. A moderate positive correlation between gestational age and mRNA expression for NOD2 (R = 0.48; p = 0.01) and RIP-2 (R = 0.41; p = 0.007) was observed in subjects with progressive pregnancy. In contrast, women with missed abortions showed a moderate negative correlation between body weight and mRNA expression for NOD2 (R = –0.46; p = 0.03) and RIP-2 (R = –0.51; p = 0.02) whereas spontaneous abortions was associated with moderate negative correlation between RIP-2 mRNA expression and body weight (R= –0.47; p=0.04) as well as body mass index (R= –0.48; p = 0.04) along with moderate positive correlation with age of menarche (R = 0.46; p = 0.04). However, compared with progressive pregnancy no significant differences were found in expression level form NOD1, NLRP1, NLRP3 and NLRC4 mRNA in decidua from patients with missed and spontaneous abortions. Conclusion . Elevated NOD2 mRNA expression was observed in decidua from patients with missed and spontaneous abortions compared to progressive pregnancy paralleled with upregulated RIP-2 mRNA expression in missed abortions. Finally, it was found that NOD1, NLRP1, NLRP3 and NLRC4 were not involved in pathogenesis of miscarriages.
Our review seeks to elucidate the current state-of-the-art in studies of 70-kilodalton-weighed heat shock proteins (Hsp70) in neurodegenerative diseases (NDs). The family has already been shown to play a crucial role in pathological aggregation for a wide spectrum of brain pathologies. However, a slender boundary between a big body of fundamental data and its implementation has only recently been crossed. Currently, we are witnessing an anticipated advancement in the domain with dozens of studies published every month. In this review, we briefly summarize scattered results regarding the role of Hsp70 in the most common NDs including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We also bridge translational studies and clinical trials to portray the output for medical practice. Available options to regulate Hsp70 activity in NDs are outlined, too.
The authors attempt the bibliometric and scientometric approach toward analysis of scientific cooperation in research of moral dilemmas and moral choice using Scopus bibliometric tools. The sector-specific dimension of the studies of moral dilemmas and moral choice is considered. The authors conclude that the share of psychological journals on the subject has significantly increased with dominating psychological research problems (in contrast to the traditional philosophical dimension). The involvement of the world's leading scientific publications in the information support of research on moral dilemmas and moral choice is emphasized. The conceptual integrity of periodicals is revealed, the conclusion is made on the promising vectors of studies on the subject of moral dilemmas and moral choice. The main author research collaborations, as well as their main thematic focuses are specified. It is noted that modeling of the process of solving moral dilemmas, identification of factors for solving moral dilemmas, neurophysiological correlations of the process of solving moral dilemmas, moral modification due to various clinical aspects are the problems most relevant and demanded by the world leading scientific journals.
A number of new alkaloid-like phenylfuroacridones were synthesized by cyclization in polyphosphoric acid of 2-, 3 -, 4-(2-oxo-2-phenylethoxy)acridones, which, in turn, were obtained by O-alkylation of the corresponding 2-, 3-, 4-hydroxyacridones with phenacyl bromide. Biological studies showed that phenylfuroacridones exhibited a low antibacterial activity against the test strain Candida albicans.
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