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Acquisition of real estate is an inexhaustible topic that is always current, and the issue that additionally actualizes it is the right of foreigners to acquire real estate in a certain country. The main purpose of this brief article is to explore the legal structure and the procedure of purchasing real estate in comparative law through the analysis of existing laws that regulate the manner of acquiring property rights on immovable property, inter vivos and mortis causa. Abstract Sticanje nepokretnosti je nepresušna tema koja je uvek aktuelna, a pitanje koje to dodatno aktuelizuje je pravo stranaca na sticanje nepokretnosti u određenoj zemlji. Osnovna svrha ovog kratkog rada je da se kroz analizu postojećih zakona koji regulišu način sticanja prava svojine na nepokretnostima, inter vivos i mortis causa, ispita pravna struktura i postupak kupovine nepokretnosti u uporednom pravu..
Aggravated murder in a cruel manner is a form of murder which is prescribed in Article 114, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia. The article emphasizes the meaning of the notion of cruelty as a determining feature of this crime. It is a complex concept that has its objective, but also subjective aspects. Namely, cruelty on the one hand means depriving the victim of life in a way that inflicts excessive pain and suffering, while, on the other hand, it is necessary for the perpetrator to demonstrate a specific emotional relationship towards these pains and sufferings (in the form of pleasure, enjoyment, lack of pity, etc.). Furthermore, the issue of guilt in this crime was analyzed, especially the possibility of its existence in the case of insanity and significantly reduced sanity. Although the case law rules that in these cases, aggravated murder in a cruel way is not possible, the article argues the opposite thesis. In the end, the issues with attempting and preparing a aggravated murder in a cruel way were discussed. The latter institute may be interesting since the amendments to the Criminal Code from 2019 criminalize the preparation of aggravated murder (it is a so-called delicta preparata), with the provision that the article argues that this provision cannot be applied to aggravated murder in a cruel way.
Pure monopoly (supply side monopoly), where against one seller of particular products which doesn't have close substitutes stand many buyers, as well as the market state of a pure monopsony (demand side monopoly) are theoretical models. In practice such market conditions is hard to find. The aim of this paper is to point out the problem of the equilibrium of an enterprise in the conditions when one company with a monopsonic position on a market of inputs sells its product only to one firm which has a monopoly position in the market of its output, which actually means solving the problem of equilibrium of the enterprise in the conditions of bilateral monopoly. By integrating these enterprises, the market condition of the bilateral monopoly is going to be transformed into a new structure, well-known as the market state of the monemporium. The integrated enterprise has an extremely strong market power manifested through both on the side of selling its output and on the procurement of production inputs. The problem of the equilibrium of such an enterprise and the economic implications, especially those that have a reflection on the level of profit, are a particular area of interests in this paper.
The first idea of civil society was encountered in the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle. He defined a state as a community of citizens voluntarily united for the sake of a happy life. The first interpretation of the dualism of the political community and society was found in the works of the Christian scholars St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. First concepts of civil society in Hobbes' teachings are presented in his work Leviathan. He starts from the so-called illusory condition, which is characterized by a war of all against all. Another concept of civil society is presented by John Locke. Unlike Hobbes, Locke apparently defined it as a state of peace, goodwill, mutual assistance, and maintenance. Early liberal theories of civil society base their teaching on the limitation of state power i.e., that civil society has the ability to conduct its own affairs, which limits the state interference. Hegel's conception of civil society is determined by the position of the citizen in the state. Citizens are private individuals who have their own interests for specific purposes. Neo-liberal theory of civil society appeared in the early 20th century. The cause of the intensifying debate about the relationship between society and state in the mid-20th century is the danger that the civil society is in from excessive political intervention of the state. Predecessors in the framework of the contemporary approach pointing to this danger were John Stuart Mill and Alexis de Tocqueville, and Robert Nozick.
The causa of a contractual obligation is one of the most obscure and controver-sial institutes of the civil law of obligations. The emergence of this institute may be traced back to Roman law but the concept of causa was first systematically present by the French jurist Jean Domat, who is considered to be the founder of the classical theory of causa. Under the influence of the French Civil Code, the Serbian legal order falls into causalistic legal orders. In Serbian law, the basic and most important provisions on causa are contained in relevant articles of the Civil Obligations Act which refer to the legal ground of contractual obligation and the motive for concluding a contract. In this Act, the legislator adopted the so-called objective-subjective understanding of causa. Although the expectations from the causa perceived in the objective sense may have been high, its inclusion among the prerequisites for valid formation of a binding contract had almost no effect on the judicial practice. In this paper, the author analyzes the usefulness of both concepts of causa of contractual obligations in mutually binding contracts . Considering the fact that there is no common agreement in legal theory on the concept of this civil law institute, the first part of the paper is presents the theories on the causa of a contractual obligation. The central part of the paper examines the usefulness of the causa of a contractual obligation as a precondition for valid formation of mutually binding contracts.
Arebica is mentioned in the literature in the context of Aljamiado literature, considering that Aljamiado literature was written in this script (a form of Aebica adapted to the phonetic spelling of the Serbian and Bosnian languages, used mainly by Muslims). Aljamiado literature, as well as religious and other literature, were printed in Arebica. Thus, in some schools in Sandžak, even in the last decade of the 20th century, Arebica was still used. In this paper, it will be demonstrated how the Arebica was created, how it was used in Sandžak and the role it played in the literacy of Muslim women in the 20th century, considering their departure from ‘secular’ schools. The aim of this study is to survey the use of the Arebica among the Muslim population in Serbia from the perspective of the education in the 20th century with a special emphasis on the women, but also to recall the circumstances that contributed to the existence of a special culture of language and writing which will remain in our region until the end of the 20th century. In addition to the scientific literature, the paper will also present transcripts based on conversations with interlocutors in the field (Tutin, Novi Pazar and Pešter Municipality).
Self-presentation is an omnipresent form of behaviour that involves building a self-image in front of other people. This form of behaviour aims at structuring the impression of a person. Self-presentation explains numerous social relations and situations, but it also depends on numerous factors, primarily personality factors, as well as a number of situational factors. The main goal of this research is to examine the relationship between broad personality dimensions, operationalized by the Big Five + 2 personality model (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Aggression, Conscientiousness, Openness, Positive Valence and Negative Valence) and self-presentation. The possibility of predicting self-presentation in total, as well as some of its individual tactics, based on broad personality dimensions, is also examined. The survey uses the Big Five + 2 Personality Questionnaire and the Self-Presentation Tactics Scale. The sample included 526 respondents, average age 21.6 years (SD=2.88). Of all the examined personality dimensions, Neuroticism and Negative Self-Image have the strongest correlations with overall self-presentation. The Conscientiousness dimension records the highest number of negative correlations, while the Openness dimension records the lowest number of statistically significant correlations with the overall self-presentation and individual self-presentation tactics. As for the prediction of self-presentation, all dimensions of personality, except Openness, are important predictors, but their constellation is different in relation to the content of self-presentation tactics. The obtained findings make it possible to predict the direction of the presentation of self-image. Namely, knowing the personality traits, we can assume which self-presentation tactics will be used, especially in a situation when people are motivated to do so.
Facilitated and stimulated transfer of knowledge, primarily due to digital technology and globalization, enabled subjects in the economy to actively use it in order to achieve success in business. The company's portfolio becomes enriched with resources or assets whose main substantial element is knowledge. However, knowledge is not easy to track and include in business books. Due to the fact that it cannot be seen or touched, additional efforts have been made by researchers to develop a quality accounting methodology. In addition to the fact that in the context of accounting, knowledge is qualified as an intangible asset, the methodology of financial accounting has been improved, and various models of its measurement have been offered in the literature. In particular, the VAIC model for measuring the efficiency of using intangible assets stands out in the literature.
Thanks to their role as creators and implementers of monetary policy, central banks in most modern countries have the status of key financial institutions and pivots of financial system stability. During the centuries of evolution of central banking, numerous models and instruments of monetary policy were developed, the application of which depended largely on the political environment and the dominant economic model in specific countries. Unlike conventional central banking, Islamic central banking has been in global economic practice for only a few decades. An authentic and Shariah-compliant model of Islamic central banking is still in its infancy. Therefore, the practice of Islamic central banking is largely based on the application of instruments of conventional central banking, which, according to Shariah compliance, are used in their original or modified form or are excluded from use. In this paper, we will present the development path of Islamic central banking, the goals and obligations of Islamic central banks, a set of Shariah-compliant monetary policy instruments, the practice of Islamic central banking in certain countries, and limitations for the efficient functioning of Islamic central banks in practice.
Istraživanje je obuhvatilo sedam originalnih naučnih radova. Svi radovi su zadovolјili problematiku i mogli su da daju odgovor na postavlјeni problem. Cilј rada je bio da se utvrdi uticaj programskih sadržaja vežbanja na osobe koje boluju od diabetes melitusa tipa 2 (DM) i značaj navedene aktivnosti na zdravlјe osoba sa ovim problemom. Kao metod uzeta je selekcija radova od 2002. do 2019. godine. Zaklјučujemo da je fizička aktivnost osoba sa DM delimično ograničena zbog specifičnosti bolesti. Posebna pažnja treba da bude usmerena na neželјene efekte, posebno hipoglikemiju. Učestalost vežbanja treba biti najmanje tri dana u nedelјi za aerobne aktivnosti i dva dana nedelјno za aktivnosti sa otporom. Rizik od hipoglikemije je povećan, kontrola glikemije kod ove populacije je teže ostvariva. Cilјeve upravlјanja DM kod starijih osoba treba postaviti drugačije prema svakom pacijentu.
Digitalna ekonomija, kao ekonomija koja funkcioniše prvenstveno putem digitalne tehnologije, uticala je na stvaranje koncepta digitalne transformacije poslovanja. Ovakav oblik poslovne transformacije zahteva integraciju digitalnih tehnologija u svim oblastima poslovanja. U radu je istaknut značaj bitnih elemenata transformacije koji se odnose na korisničko iskustvo, operativne procese, poslovne modele, iskustvo zaposlenih i digitalne platforme, kao i ključnih domena poslovanja koje digitalizacija menja, a odnose se na konkurenciju, inovacije i vrednosti. Osnovna svrha rada jeste da ukaže na uticaj koji digitalna transformacija poslovanja ima na proces formulisanja novih korporativnih strategijskih pravaca. Imajući ovo u vidu, cilj rada jeste da se istaknu potencijalni korporativni strategijski pravci digitalne transformacije poslovanja u uslovima snažnog prodora digitalnih tehnologija. Polazna pretpostavka rada je da, iako postojeća preduzeća u digitalnoj transformaciji najčešće kreću od penetracije tržišta, preko strategije razvoja digitalnih proizvoda i strategije razvoja digitalnih tržišta, dalji put digitalne transformacije vodi izgradnji digitalnih platformi koje nastaju međusobnom kolaboracijom brojnih i umreženih stejkholdera na zajedničkom kreiranju i isporučivanju vrednosti.
In the modern world, everything has digitalized with time. From online shopping, banking to automation of complex business functions, everything is digital today, and it lays the foundation of our future as well. One of the things that has become more popular and at the same time about which debates have taken place is electronic signatures or e-signatures. This is because in today's practice of contractual legal transactions dealing with terms such as, electronic signature, digital signature, e-signing software, e-signing solution, advanced electronic signature, qualified electronic signature, has become normal. The purpose behind these terms is that they primarily stand for the ability to transform a hard copy document into a digital document or record. An electronic signature is an electronic tool-often a sound, symbol or process-linked to a contract, document, or other record. As such, electronic signature today has taken place in the vast majority of countries around the world gaining the same weight and legal effect as a traditional paper document with a pen and ink signature. Such an extension of electronic signature has resulted in the adoption of legal rules in these countries, which given the tradition of different systems belonging to the states, has resulted in a variety of solutions which occasionally differ substantially between themselves. This was the reason why, at the global level, discussions and preparations for the drafting of rules of international character began, which will provide answers to the controversial issues for electronic signatures on cross-border transactions. In this regard, UNCITRAL is distinguished by model laws and the European Union by directives and regulations for its member states. The objectives of this article are as follows: (1) to identify the need for establishing a legal framework for electronic signatures; (2) to present the overview of the legal framework of the Republic of Serbia regarding the electronic signature; (3) to provide a concise summary of the procedure of getting electronic signature; (4) to explain the problems and challenges faced by the use of electronic signatures in Serbian contractual practice. The authors have achieved these objectives through the review of legal regulations and practice in the Republic of Serbia.
The creation of cryptocurrencies marked the beginning of a new era in money evolution. In the cryptocurrency system, governments do not have primacy over monetary flows, but it is in the hands of participants in the cryptocurrency system, which enables the democratization of money. This also raised a number of issues that need to be resolved. Among them, the issues of incorporating cryptocurrencies into monetary policy, accounting, and tax treatment of cryptocurrencies, as well as preventing potential abuses, are especially prominent. On the other hand, Shariah experts deal with cryptocurrencies from the aspect of their Shariah compliance, and on that issue they are divided. This paper analyzes the treatment of money in Islamic teaching and practice, the concept of cryptocurrencies, and the challenges of their practical application, as well as the arguments presented by Shariah experts in support of their positions on the Shariah (non)compliance of cryptocurrencies.
The population research on the species Ichthyosaura alpestris (Laurenti,1768) included female newts from Lake Hrid during two time periods (June-July) 2019, and (June, July) 2020. In 2019, total 14 Alpine newts were sampled, while the number of sampled Alpine newts was 36 in the year of 2020.Analysis of the results on measuring morphometric character of the female population of the species Ichthyosaura alpestris (Laurenti, 1768) for the studied period showed small variations. Research has shown that the average head length is higher in females sampled during 2019, while the other average values of the studied parameters are higher in females sampled during 2020.The t-test results showed that the differences were not statistically significant (t > 0.05) after processing the results on measuring morphometric character of the researched population of the species. It can also be seen that the Fulton's condition factor is higher in female species sampled in 2019, in comparison to the ones sampled in 2020.
In order for children to develop ecological habits in a purposeful way, it is necessary to pay enough attention and provide interesting and meaningful activities, both in the family and in the educational context. We put children in different situations, encourage and motivate them to solve problems in different ways on their own and look for answers to important questions of the essence. In this way, we actually stimulate the development of critical thinking in children. This is exactly what enables children to form certain attitudes towards the eco-system, the way they treat living and non-living nature, towards themselves and other people. In this paper, the authors first pay attention to the theoretical elucidation of the problem, define the terms ecological awareness, eco - education, dramatization as a methodical procedure in the development of ecological habits, and then state the possibilities of its implementation in pedagogical practice. As a particularly suitable, they point out the play for children, which was realized according to the script of one of the authors of this work. Will show how the dramatization of a text with ecological content can contribute to the development of ecological habits of preschool children.
Islam attaches great importance to insurance, as an instrument of protection of the individual and the community, and considers it an indispensable element of the process of achieving socio-economic justice in society. Consequently, in the Islamic concept of insurance, the social component dominates over the commercial component. However, requirements of the modern environment have made it necessary to have Shariah-acceptable commercial insurance. Given that conventional insurance models are largely Shariah non-compliant, Takaful insurance has been developed to meet the needs of individuals and institutions that want to be insured in accordance with Shariah principles. In this paper, we will analyze the process of evolution of Takaful insurance, its types and models, perform a comparative analysis of Takaful and conventional insurance, reviewing arguments in favor of Shariah specific nature of conventional insurance, and finally, list the challenges of implementing Takaful insurance in practice.
This paper begins with an overview of literary work of Radomir Konstantinović. The experimental character of his novels demonstrates the specificity of his literary modus operandi, as a unique phenomenon in Serbian literary scene during the fifth decade of the 20th century. His work will mark a turning point in the transition from modernism to postmodernism. His radio dramas, as well, represent a very specific part of his work mostly due to historical position of this genre. Since his radio dramas are first fully published in 2019. this paper traces a path for further research in this area.
The correct conclusion about the assumptions concerning some phenomena can be obtained only through scientific analysis of statistical data. The scientific procedure of verifying a hypothesis using measurement results is called a statistical test. Depending on whether the hypotheses about the parameters in the feature distribution are tested or the distribution as a whole is tested, a parametric or non-parametric test is selected. The most significant representatives of parametric tests are the Probability Ratio Test, the Neumann - Pearson Lemma and the Bootstrap method, while the Pearson x2 test and the Kolmogorov test are presented as representatives of nonparametric tests. The paper presents the theoretical basis of some methods used in construction of statistical tests with given examples in geodesy.
This paper gives a brief overview of the basic characteristics of the voice [h] in the speech of an informant from the village of Janča in municipality of Novi Pazar - with special reference to the dorp of Janačko Polje, that is the place of residence of said informant who is a member of the oldest generation of inhabitants of the surveyed area. Therefore, given her age, she can be considered an adequate representative of the speech of this village (and its surroundings), since her speech preserves the traditional features of the local vernacular in more and better way than that of her descendants (members of the younger generations of this area).
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