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    ABSTRACT: ______________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT The thermal behavior of pristine and γ-irradiated CR-39 polymer (upto a maximum dose of 1800 kGy) has been studied using Thermogrametric analysis. The changes in degradation activation energy, frequency factor, entropy of activation, free energy of decomposition and rate coefficient have been analyzed as a consequence of γ-irradiation. The results clearly indicate the lowering of thermal stability of CR-39 as an effect of γ-irradiation. Such a reduction in thermal stability has been tried to be correlated with the induced structural changes as revealed by FTIR spectroscopy.
    Full-text · Article · Dec 2014
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    ABSTRACT: Acute and chronic effects of ellagic acid on pentylenetetrazole and picrotoxin-induced convulsions were evaluated in Swiss young male albino mice. Ellagic acid (20 and 40 mg/kg, p.o.) and diazepam (0.5 mg/kg, i.p.) per se were administered once for acute treatment and 14 successive days for chronic treatment. Pentylenetetrazole (80 mg/kg, i.p.) induced tonic and clonic convulsions, but picrotoxin (6 mg/kg, i.p.) induced only tonic convulsions. Acute administration of higher dose (40 mg/kg) and chronic administration of both the doses of ellagic acid significantly delayed onset of convulsions, decreased duration of clonic and tonic convulsions; and reduced mortality as compared to pentylenetetrazole and picrotoxin treated control. Ellagic acid also reversed pentylenetetrazole and picrotoxin-induced decrease in brain GABA levels. Acute and chronic administration of diazepam showed significant anticonvulsant activity and increased brain GABA levels. Thus, ellagic acid showed significant antiepileptic activity in mice probably through increase of GABAergic transmission in brain.
    No preview · Article · Sep 2014 · Journal of Functional Foods
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    ABSTRACT: Guar gum was hydrolyzed using cellulase from Aspergillus niger at 5.6 pH and 50°C temperature. Hydrolyzed guar gum sample was characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, X-ray diffraction, dilute solution viscometry and rotational viscometry. Viscometry analysis of native guar gum showed a molecular weight of 889742.06, whereas, after enzymatic hydrolysis, the resultant product had a molecular weight of 7936.5. IR spectral analysis suggests that after enzymatic hydrolysis of guar gum there was no major transformation of functional group. Thermal analysis revealed no major change in thermal behavior of hydrolyzed guar gum. It was shown that partial hydrolysis of guar gum could be achieved by inexpensive and food grade cellulase (Aspergillus niger) having commercial importance and utilization as a functional soluble dietary fiber for food industry.
    Full-text · Article · Jun 2014 · International journal of biological macromolecules


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