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Monnin has argued elsewhere to restore, close, and relocate the heritage of our planet’s collapsing livelihood and dismantle the old: the north. This text discusses the location of ideas of civilization, past and present, and claims that the north must consider itself as the witness of obsolete futures. It aims for an entire ecological redirection, recognizing the negative commons of existing infrastructural and technological models. Doing so, summons the north, and France, to learn and dismantle these models through themselves.
In the 1930s, Jean Wahl, Lev Shestov, Benjamin Fondane, and Rachel Bespaloff were among the first to seriously introduce philosophical readings of Kierkegaard’s works in France. As Jewish intellectuals within a particularly troubled period in history, their readings of Kierkegaard were informed both by the problems of self-identification imposed upon them by the political context, and by a particular ontological understanding of human nature. This article argues that these considerations are essential for understanding how these early existential thinkers read the Dane and appealed to him in ways quite distinct from the Christian or atheist trends in existential philosophy.
The works of two contemporary painters, Robert Suermondt and Thierry Costesèque, though different, are both attached to the tableau-form, but neither in an exclusive relationship nor in a nostalgic way. They maintain a constant and determining relation in the photographic image, its technical reproducibility and its distribution en masse, its ubiquity increased by its digital dematerialization and circulation.
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