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    ABSTRACT: Spatiotemporal databases deal with changes to spatial objects with time. The Spatiotemporal knowledge discovery process involves the integration of such database systems with data warehousing, data mining and online-analytical processing technologies. The applications in this domain will process spatial, temporal and attribute data elements and use spatio-temporal relationships among these elements. These applications deal with the evolution of spatial objects and changes in their topological relationships, associations along with time. These advanced database applications require storing, management and processing of complex spatiotemporal data. In this paper we consider the classification and modeling requirements for spatiotemporal applications, System modeling, preprocessing spatiotemporal data, discovering spatiotemporal topological relationships and extension of apriori algorithm for mining spatiotemporal frequent predicates. The design of an appropriate system that can capture spatiotemporal features of datasets is discussed. Prototype implementation of the system is carried out on top of open source object relational spatial database management system called postgresql and postgis. The algorithms are experimented on historical cadastral datasets which are created using OpenJump. The results that are visualized using OpenJump software are presented. KEYWORDS spatiotemporal database, spatiotemporal application, spatiotemporal data modeling, spatiotemporal relationships, spatiotemporal data mining, spatiotemporal data analysis.
    Full-text · Article · May 2011
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    ABSTRACT: In wireless ad hoc networks mobile stations or nodes are free to move around. The transmission range of the nodes is fixed in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) whereas the network topology changes in a different fashion. Due to dynamic nature of network topology some of the network links are destroyed while some new links are established. The routing protocols developed for wired networks cannot be used efficiently for wireless networks. For wireless ad hoc networks there are a few new routing protocols suitable for the dynamically changing ad hoc wireless environment. In this paper we compare the performance of two on-demand routing protocols (AODV and DSR) in terms of QoS parameters such as throughput, minimum, maximum & average delay and packet delivery ratio. We performed extensive simulations using NS-2 simulator using both conventional TCP and TCP Vegas traffic sources. Keywords AODV, DSR, MANET routing protocols, TCP & TCP Vegas.
    Preview · Article · Apr 2011
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    ABSTRACT: Graph cuts proved to be a useful multidimensional optimization tool which can enforce piecewise smoothness while preserving relevant sharp discontinuities. This paper is mainly intended as an application of isoperimetric algorithm of graph theory for image segmentation and analysis of different parameters used in the algorithm like generating weights, regulates the execution, Connectivity Parameter, cutoff, number of recursions,. We present some basic background information on graph cuts and discuss major theoretical results, which helped to reveal both strengths and limitations of this surprisingly versatile combinatorial algorithm.
    Full-text · Article · Jan 2011


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    Hyderabad, India
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