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Governments of the Republic of Korea have an exemplary record in providing leadership through published visions and strategies. This review is inspired by seven such endeavors conducted since 1999. All of these efforts use the future to motivate changes in the present. However, over time there has been a gradual shift in the content of the visions,...


... El cambio climático, el agotamiento de recursos y la desigualdad social, algunos de los grandes desafíos de nuestra era, han estimulado el interés en la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación como medios para catalizar los profundos cambios sistémicos que estos problemas exigen. Así, los llamados a 'transformar' complejos sistemas sociales y técnicos -tanto en la arena política como la académica-no solo reflejan la insatisfacción con los modelos convencionales de desarrollo en lo que respecta a la provisión de alternativas sustentables y socialmente justas, sino también hace eco de una creciente demanda para abordar estos desafíos de manera multidimensional, tomando como base los actuales avances en el conocimiento, la visión prospectiva, los impactos socio-técnicos y las particularidades del territorio (Nelson, 2008;Miller, 2017). ...
... In this effort, the OECD is not alone. The World Bank has been introducing systems approaches iteratively to issues of development (Bauer, 2017), while the United Nations is analysing environmental problems at the "ecosystems" level, and futures experts in international organisations have tied strategic foresight to anticipatory systems frameworks (Miller, 2017). ...
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The current global political and economic setting is complex and fast-changing, with society transforming in ways that challenge existing views about the world and how it is governed. Technology is disrupting the status quo and creating a future of unknowns. Meanwhile, globalism has accelerated and a backlash has formed as a result of growing economic inequalities. Gender equality remains an uphill battle, conflict is forcing record numbers from their homes, trust in government is near record lows, and climate change and job automation crises are fast approaching. These challenges can seem insurmountable, but their significance is mirrored by the potential for governments to take action with new approaches to policies and services. Governments are rising to the occasion and innovating to cope with new realities and to build a better future for their people. 2 .