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successful and unsuccessful learners writing experience and feelings

successful and unsuccessful learners writing experience and feelings

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This study explored habits of the mind for eight successful and unsuccessful writing learners who were taking intermediate writing skills. Researchers' phenomenological reflection was employed to supplement the exploratory case study design. Three writing tasks and in-depth interview were mainly used to collect data which were analyzed using themat...

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... data were in general thematically presented, analyzed and interpreted synthesizing with related empirical evidences. The learners' writing experience as can be seen from their background at high school, Table 1 above, highly contributes in making adjustments to higher level university writing. The data collected from open ended questionnaire also revealed that almost all unsuccessful learners have no exposure to write. ...
Context 2
... overall observation of the researcher implies as adapting to the new university writing situations and the practices expected in this respect revealed that many unsuccessful learners and some with good writing abilities have adjustment problems so that they feel failure and become desperate to make improvements (Table 1). ...
Context 3
... successful learners are also flexible to apply various procedures of writing and to adapt themselves with the pedagogy and level of writing required at tertiary education. This is consistent with what [23] found that the expressionist point that writing is a process of discovering, and making meaning, and cognitive recursive, nonlinear, and complex process [3] From the researchers overall observation and learners' response Table 1, almost all respondents feel as they failed to write and adjust themselves, but G3 feel successful in making adjustments with writing at university. Most successful writers, however, have higher desire to make improvement and are less desperate as compared to unsuccessful ones.Habits of the mind stipulated in the framework for success can also be related with intellectual virtues developed as characteristics of learners of writing. ...