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Inner curbs and TECPRO energy dissipation system [16, 17]

Inner curbs and TECPRO energy dissipation system [16, 17]

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Existing race circuits were created using one of the two methods - intuition or engineering. Under the intuitive approach, the track was completely built by adapting to the terrain and environment in which it is located. The engineering approach to racing circuit development involves planning, designing, and building a car park at a specific locati...

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... the entire racing circuit, verges are designed with cross-section grade equal to that of the pavement. On the inner side of the turns, 1 m wide prefabricated concrete curbs are designed in red and white color ( Figure 6). Outer sides of the turns are secured by 3 m wide shoulders and two secure zones. ...
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... first zone is asphalt paved and the second zone is unpaved gravel surface. In order to increase security measures, TECPRO energy-dispensing devices are designed ( Figure 6) that can be set in different ways depending on the estimated impact force. Fences preventing the debris from endangering the security of viewers and judges are also considered. ...