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list of selected research initiatives on gig economy

list of selected research initiatives on gig economy

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gig economy – a phenomenon that has emerged in response to the challenges of modern market and development of technology, while the work of gigers has begun to change the face of today’s labour market. In addition, new generations Y and Z entered the labour market with their different approaches to professional aspirations and work, which also cont...

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... the proposed indicators do not allow to fully assess both the potential of the territory, and their inherent threats of socio-economic nature. less than 7500 (7) 7501-9000 (14) 9001-10 500 (6) 10 501 more than (2) lowest wage levels lowest retail turnover less than 5000 (9) 5000-14 999 (14) 15000-24 999 (4) 25 000 more than (2) 52 olga SyCh, IVaNNa MyShChyShyN It is considered as an appropriate to focus on the concept of sustainable devel- opment of the city in order to comprehensively assess its condition and propose measures to improve it. to do this, we outline the main components of sustainable development. the scheme of formation of the components of sustainable develop- ment, presented in table 1, reflects the algorithm of priorities in the actions of the community to select the components, goals and tools of development planning. Sustainable development cannot happen without economic development. and although economic development alone does not guarantee social well-being, quality of life, livelihoods and environmental ...
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... alienate from the use of benefits, which have been deemed as joint and nobody's at once (Semyanovs'kyi, 2016). ostrom has developed the principles of the system of public (collective) resources management that can be changed depending on the peculiarities of communities' development and under the influence of additional variables (table 1). ...
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... is the most dynamic portal (6500 000 accounts). 9 on its website, Dreamgrow has published a summary of the most popular social networking sites and applications in the world in 2018 (table 1). the range of these portals and the ability to reach the client with the offer is their undeniable advantage. ...

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