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The lack of seeds represents one of the highest difficulties to overcome for the ecological restoration of areas that have been deforested. This study evaluates the effectiveness of artificial perches in increasing the abundance and species richness of bird-dispersed seeds and the similitude of seed rain composition (origin and habit of plant seeds...

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... not appear to be linked to one of the treatments (Table 2 and Online Resource 1- Table 3). In the case of articial perches particularly, non-native seeds increase their abundance along the year with a maximum peak from October to December, while native seeds have their maximum peak from January to June and decrease their abundance along the year (Fig. 3). Despite nonnative seed abundance was higher than native seed abundance in all treatments, non-native species richness was lower than native species richness. In the woodland, there were 23 native species of seeds while only ve were non-native species. In the deforested area under articial perches, there were 13 native species and six ...