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... the temporal lobes, the information is put together into a complete picture, or the process of building the face is finished. The important area of the temporal lobe where this happens is called the fusiform face area (FFA) (Figure 1). In the FFA, the incoming information about face parts is put together like a puzzle to make one big picture that looks like a face. ...

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No processo de dimensionamento de sapatas, duas grandezas são essenciais: a tensão admissível do solo e a tensão aplicada pela sapata no solo. Contudo, tecnicamente, estas duas são dependentes das dimensões da sapata, que são as incógnitas do problema. Dessa forma, o objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar um procedimento iterativo de dimensionamento...


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To study the brain, scientists can use a machine called an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner. An MRI scanner takes pictures of the brain in a safe way, allowing scientists to learn about the structure of the brain and its functions. MRI helps scientists learn which areas of the brain are active when you engage in different activities, such as reading a sentence like this one! First, this article explains how the MRI scanner safely takes high-quality pictures of the brain. Next, we will explain how the MRI scanner can help scientists learn how the brain functions by measuring activity in different parts of the brain. Finally, we describe what it is like to participate in a study involving the MRI scanner and the kinds of questions scientists can answer using the MRI scanner as a tool.