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The development of science and the technology allowed significant enhancements to the methods in presentation of new materials to students. The processors and available memory in time has become smaller, faster, cheaper and power efficient. This development opened the way for the creation of the mobile devices with the graphical and sound interface...

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... the RFID reader we selected "RFid Reader Extra Development Board" from mikroElektronika as shown in Fig. ...


... However DTMF does not utilize the network resources efficiently as it takes several seconds to send instructions. A mobile embedded system using RFID technology [12] has been proposed as aid in education system. The presented solution offers possibility for the students to go through the class material without guidance from the teacher and still receive help in their learning process. ...
In past few years, home automation & remote control and monitoring systems have seen a rapid growth in terms of technology. This paper gives a review of these systems based on existing technologies and also proposes a GSM-Bluetooth based light controller and remote monitoring system. This system has simple features designed with the objective of minimum power consumption using infrared sensor for controlling lights, fans and other appliances which are controlled via SMS using a GSM module. A Bluetooth module is also interfaced with the main microcontroller chip. This Bluetooth module eliminates the usage charges by communicating with the appliances via Bluetooth when the application is in a limited range of few meters. The system informs user about any abnormal conditions like intrusion detection and temperature rise via SMS from the GSM module or by Bluetooth module to the user's mobile and actions are taken accordingly by the user.