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• Illo Humphrey, Ph. D.-HDR • • La Philosophie de l’image dans l’iconographie carolingienne (Quelques observations sur la pratique iconographique en Neustrie au IXe siècle) : l’exemple du scriptorium de Saint-Martin de Tours entre 830 et 851 • • Conference: MedRen Music Conference 2005 • • CESR | Université François-Rabelais • • 59, rue Nérica...

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After 1648, the Habsburg nobility was, on the one hand, Catholic and loyal to the House of Habsburg, and enjoyed links to the Viennese court; and on the other, it was transterritorial and a fully-fledged member of the nobility of the Holy Roman Empire and European aristocratic culture. Caught between the dynastic antagonism between Bourbons and Hab...