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This paper presents the excavation findings at the Marazzi 2 site (Bahía Inútil, Tierra del Fuego). The characteristics of the settlement, its chronological context, and the lithic and archaeofaunistic evidence are submitted. Finally, the adscription of the cultural deposits is discussed as well as the different occupations represented at the site.
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This article presents the results of a study of signs on a Bronze Age slab discovered in the vicinity of a heavily plowed mound near the settlement of Pyatikhatki. The slab belongs to the Dolmen archaeological culture. In the course of this research, it was proved that the Pyatikhatki slab is a unique measuring tool, that combines elements of sundi...


... Shevchenko 2015, pp. 61-68;Diachenko & Harat-Strotsen 2016), This is presumably because of poor preservation thanks to the effects of burning and ploughing. Thus, no 'original' template has been preserved from which to derive past practices. ...