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... 1 shows the effect of cutting angle and knife type on time for one front cutting , 45° cutting angle showed the superiority in the time of cutting one frond stood 2.65 sec compared with 60° and 90° they got 3.87 and 4.15 sec . respectively..These results agreed with the results which proposed by (Jelani, 1998 Table 2 shows the effect of cutting angle and type of knife on time of cutting three rows of date palm fronds ,90° cutting angle showed a significanteffect on the time of cutting it was got a highest time stood 2.72 min ,while no effect between A and B knife type they got 2.40 , 2.43 min respectively,this results agree with the results of (Jelani,et al,1998). The overlap between 45° and the A type of knife obtained the Lowest time of cutting amounted to 1.68 min and the highest cutting time achieved 4.40 min for the 90° cutting angle with a C type of knife. ...

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