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Workflow for removing thermal noise from S1 GRD data in SNAP software

Workflow for removing thermal noise from S1 GRD data in SNAP software

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Abstract: The last eruption in the Fogo Volcano, which began in November 2014, was the first eruptive event captured by the Sentinel-1 (S1) mission. The present work sought to complement previous research and explore the potential of utilizing data from the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) S1 mission to better monitor active volcanic areas. S1 Ground...

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... images require preprocessing to remove thermal noise. The workflow shown in Figure 2, suggested by Filipponi (2019), was applied to process this data in the SeNtinel Application Platform (SNAP) software. The first stage of this procedure consists of the Apply Orbit File step, which corresponds to a refinement of the accuracy and the information referring to the position and speed of the satellite. ...

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