Figure 4 - uploaded by J. Eilers
Wiring diagram for timer and tether.  

Wiring diagram for timer and tether.  

Source publication
CAD drawing of Rocket.
Drawing of propellant feed system.
Photograph image of propellant tank, adapter, valve and orifice. Note: The orifice shown is stainless steel and was used for static testing. An aluminum orifice was used for the flight vehicle.
Wiring diagram for timer and tether.
Photograph of rocket showing the actuator attached to the main ball valve.
Static thrust vs time for the heat exchanger with and without the beam on. Load cell data taken February 26.
Predicted altitude versus time from thrust data. Rocket mass of 1.81 kg used and assumed constant. No effects for drag or friction were used in the calculation.
Context 1
... line material. The canisters to hold the Pyrodex, made by Pratt Hobbies Inc., had two filaments such that the timer and tether could be wired independently. The timer and tether both had switches wired with their respective batteries to turn them on and off right before flight. The timer also used a break-wire to initiate the countdown. See Fig. 4 for a schematic of the timer and tether. ...
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