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1: Venn diagram of the intersecting research domains.

1: Venn diagram of the intersecting research domains.

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This practice research developed two prototype brain-computer music interfacing (BCMI) systems to support meditation practices. The second, more advanced system, BCMI-2, was tested to help induce and maintain a specific meditative state, the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC), first with two trainees in a non-clinical neurofeedback training (NFT...

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... with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). A sharp protocol (Fig. 3.10), a type of squash protocol, inhibits brainwaves from 4 to 20 Hz, usually on Cz, to create optimal readiness before performing a particular task (e.g. hitting a ball in golf or shooting an arrow in archery). Synchrony protocols (Fig. 3.11) commonly train relaxation-related alpha inter-hemispheric and intra-hemispheric synchrony or clarity-related gamma synchrony in more recent studies. Metrics extracting synchrony between signals include (1) pure coherence measuring phase separation, (2) training coherence measuring zero phase separation and similar amplitudes, (3) ...