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Various calibration parameters used in SHETRAN

Various calibration parameters used in SHETRAN

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In order to develop an integrated water resources development plan, accurate prediction of sediment yields in a basin is important. The study area is one of the four major sub-basins in the Eastern Nile Portion of the Nile basin. It is located in the southernmost portion of the Eastern Nile Basin contributing about 26 billion m 3 of water every yea...

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... delineated sub-basin was calibrated for the period the 1960 to 1992. Calibrated and validated model parameters are summarized in Table 1. The calibrated and validated hydrological model was simulated for the whole period 1952-1992 and the resulting monthly flows at various gauging station in the catchment are shown in Figure 5. Good hydrological fit between the observed and simulated flows was generally achieved and the correlation is summarized in Table 2. ...

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Construction of micro dams to harvest the available surface water resources of dry land area is inevitable. Elbahi micro-dam is located near to Jigjiga town in Ethiopia Somali Regional state; it was constructed from 1986-1993 with multi-purpose dam to serve the community as a source of water supply for irrigation, domestic and livestock consumption...