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Triangle of the mimetic desire

Triangle of the mimetic desire

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Workplace bullying is important to business and government, because it has a real impact on unfortunate casualties' wellbeing and organizations' benefits. Studies into the causes and outcomes of workplace bullying with a focus on the key psychodynamic factors underlying harassment and the subsequent results are rare. This paper applies René Girard'...

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... and learning are indivisible (Girard, de Castro Rocha, & Antonello, 2007). In Girard's MDT, desire is "triangular" and drastically unstable: the subject (envious), the mediator-model (jealousy), and an object (Figure 2). ...


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Workplace bullying is a problem for business and politics because it has serious consequences on victims' health and on companies' profits. This research applies René Girard´s insight into the genesis and consequences of human mimetic desire. It aims to explain the dynamics and non-conscious mechanisms involved in “interdividual” relationships leading to rivalry between the bully and the victim. A conference paper (Lebreton C. & Cristini H., 2018) and a theoretical paper (Lebreton C., Cristini H., & Richard D., 2019) are setting the foundations of this research work. Following the literature review, the mimetic desire theory and its application to the understanding of workplace bullying psychodynamics are detailed. Keywords: workplace bullying, René Girard, mimetic desire, rivalry, mirror neurons.