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Thermogravimetric Analysis of Triethylenetetrammonium Lactate

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Triethylenetetrammonium Lactate

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Many chemical processes require use of a solvent. Due to the adverse environmental effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), there is a need for replacement of traditional volatile solvents and hence a rising interest among researchers in the field of non-volatile solvents. A large number of chemical reactions are carried out in the presence of...

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... samples were weighed, and then heated from room temperature to 300 °C at a ramping rate of 10 °C·min −1 . TGA analysis for the pure TETAL shows that the sample is stable and does not loss weight until 150 o C, Figure 7 indicating that TETAL is more stable than the corresponding polyamine TETA as a result of the salt formation. ...