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The lexicog module (taken from the guidelines).

The lexicog module (taken from the guidelines).

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This article provides a comprehensive and up-to-date survey of models and vocabularies for creating linguistic linked data (LLD) focusing on the latest developments in the area and both building upon and complementing previous works covering similar territory. The article begins with an overview of some recent trends which have had a significant im...

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... is provided by the lexicog object property describes which relates individuals of class Lexicographic Component, which belong to a specific lexicographic resource, "to an element that represents the actual information provided by that component in the lexicographic resource". 100 See Figure 1. ...
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... show a form, the direct plural form of the noun, and a sense, the second sense of the word meaning 'language'. Both of these are presented in Figure 11. Here we can see the use of the writtenRep property to associate both the roman and arabic script versions of the word's orthography, and the use of reference to link the sense of the word to its ontological reference. ...
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... contains a number of classes and properties for modelling the syntactic behaviour of words and the relationship(s) between this syntactic behaviour and the semantic properties of those words. Figure 12 presents these classes and properties. The two classes used to model syntactic behaviour are Syntactic Frame 245 and Syntactic Argument 246 . ...

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