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The Vast Pixel Savannah, a universally shared persistent visual space. 

The Vast Pixel Savannah, a universally shared persistent visual space. 

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Collaboration is often an afterthought to a project or development. In this paper we describe and analyze our experiences in developing collaborative technologies, most often involving the sharing of visual information. We have often developed these in a context that required us to retrofit existing analysis applications with collaboration capabili...

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... the vast pixel savannah (VPS), we consider a model where pixels are primary-shipped à la carte across the network-and introduce the notion of a global address space for pixels that is accessible to all display devices. Shown in Figure 3 is an example of two conventional work planes, a laptop and a dual headed workstation, that are making use of two windows onto the VPS. Each is windowed onto more or less permanent homestead plots, which in this case are temporarily connected via a bridge (labeled wormhole) to facilitate passing windows. Each is additionally windowed onto a larger shared pixel plot (labeled playground) that might be the target of a large visualization that these two collaborators are exploring. Thrown in for the purpose of illustration are plots in the VPS corresponding to the display of a cell phone and a public digital billboard . Pixel real estate might be apportioned by using DNS- like services over the Internet. Every display device that adopts this model would face many of the same administrative questions that it faces with respect to network address: where to begin, if and when to change the position of its view onto the VPS, who to ask if it doesn't know what to do, and what coordinates are ...