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The Nutrition Care Process Model

The Nutrition Care Process Model

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A computer-based nutrition information system that is used by nutritionist-dietitians and clinicians can hardly be found in the Philippines. As such, nutritional records are still recorded on paper although some were already manually encoded in spreadsheets. Capturing the necessary information is time-consuming as it requires a lot of cross-referen...

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... outcome. [19] This is a general workflow adopted in order to implement a comprehensive nutrition management. It utilizes the common data required during the admission process. These data are grouped into the following: Demographics, nutrition screening, nutrition assessment, nutrition intervention, and nutrition monitoring and evaluation. See Fig. 1 Nutrition Care Process Model. The demographic data are the basic information of a patient collected upon admission. This is for the hospital to properly identify a patient. These are: full name, age, sex, birthday, address, contact number, ward/area admitted, room, physical activity, and social history. The Nutrition Screening is ...