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The Kangnido Map (1402)

The Kangnido Map (1402)

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The units of analysis historians and geographers use dictate what questions are asked, which stories are told and eventually which patterns emerge. Units of analysis are framing tools that help scholars identify global patterns. By focusing on seas and ocean basins, one can bring out the processes of interaction that link peoples living in the vari...

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... allows teachers using this unit of analysis to adopt a different historical approach, one less influenced by 19 th -century Eurocentric perceptions of the world. To illustrate this point, teachers can use several maps drawn before the arrival of European conquerors in the Indian Ocean, such as AlIdrissi's world map designed in 1154 (Figure 2), or the Kangnido map designed in Korea in 1402 ( Figure 3). These maps provide visions of the world at different periods of time that are not exclusively or specifically centred on the Mediterranean Sea or the European continent. ...