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Temple to Augustus at Samaria/Sebaste. 

Temple to Augustus at Samaria/Sebaste. 

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After supporting Marc Antony in the Battle of Actium (31 B.C.), King Herod, fearful of losing his power, went to Rome, apologized to Augustus and assured him that he was his biggest supporter. Augustus, giving Herod an opportunity to redeem himself, allowed him to return to Judea as King of the Jews. In an effort for Herod to express his continued...

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... This was a necessity, as the walls were "barely a kilometer across at the widest point." 48 Maintaining the traditional structure of the city, Herod kept the Acropolis at the center and built the Temple of Augustus, ( figure 3). Josephus accounts, "In the center of this settlement he erected a massive temple, enclosed in ground, a furlong and a half in length, consecrated to Caesar; while he named the town itself Sebaste. ...