System model for weakly secure caching.

System model for weakly secure caching.

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Coded caching is a promising method for solving caching problems in content-centric wireless networks. To enhance the security of coded caching for practical purposes, this paper investigates a secure coded caching scheme for defending against an eavesdropper who may possess prior knowledge before eavesdropping on content delivery. A novel key-base...

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... consider a single-hop content delivery network, as shown in Fig. 1 ...
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... the following, we present a series of numerical results and evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme in terms of the delivery rate and cache memory usage. The simulated model is as illustrated in Fig. 1, containing one central server, one α-strength eavesdropper and a number of users, each of whom has a cache of a certain size. All transmissions simulated in this model are transmitted over error-free broadcast links. Both the delivery rates and the cache memory sizes are divided by F to obtain their final values in the simulation ...

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