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Summary of setting information by stem type

Summary of setting information by stem type

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Sizang Chin exhibits verb stem alternation in which one form of a verb (Stem I) occurs in certain environments and a secondary form (Stem II) occurs in other environments. Henderson (1965) correlates Stem I with final clauses and Stem II with non-final clauses. King (2009) correlates Stem II with subordinate clauses. She also correlates Stem I with...

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... because the "working" of the sacrifice occurs in a background subordinate clause, the head verb surfaces as Stem II in (5). The results for setting clauses are summarized in Table 3. As demonstrated in Table 2, all 51 setting information clauses within the data, whose stem type could be determined, occur with Stem II verbs. ...
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... association of different collateral information types with verb stem types is presented in Table 4. As demonstrated in Table 3, the majority of collateral information clauses, with the exception of Purposives, occur with Stem I verbs, contrary to the expectation that background information correlates with Stem II verbs. The two instances of Stem II occur in collateral information clauses, as explained in the discussions of (9) and (12). ...