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Study sample (n=12)

Study sample (n=12)

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This study is conducted to investigate experts’ views to determine the Omani higher education institutions readiness and deployment of IPv6. In particular, the study aims to assess the institutional awareness, current environment, policy, planning, and resources. Descriptive method was followed and two study instruments were designed and implemente...

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... were first approached via telephone to invite their participation, emailed the questionnaire to obtain their responses and then (5) of them were interviewed for in-depth study of their initial responses. Table 2 shows the distribution of the research sample. ...

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The standardized IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy Networks (RPL) has enabled efficient communications between thousands of smart devices, sensors, and actuators in a bi-directional, and end-to-end manner, allowing the connection of resource constraint devices in multi-hop IoT infras-tructures. RPL is designed to cope with the major cha...