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Stochastic models comparison

Stochastic models comparison

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Over the Earth’s history, the climate has changed considerably due to natural processes affecting directly the earth. In the last century, these changes have perpetrated global warming. Carbon dioxide is the main trigger for climate change as it represents approximately up to 80% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change and concrete ca...

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... this section, the prediction of the MSARIMA model is compared with SARIMA and HoltWinters' models as both include seasonal components. This is implemented by forecasting a historical CO2 starting from 2010 through 2018 Figure 2. The prediction of the MSARIMA model seems to provide the best fitting results to the original database compared to the other models. ...
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... the contrary, the others present higher variations in the results. The accuracy of the stochastic models is finally demonstrated by comparing SARIMA and MSARIMA models with the original database for the data given in Figure 2. This study will be carried out in terms of the error indicators in Table 2. ...