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Statistics for Reliability Estimates for Study Variables

Statistics for Reliability Estimates for Study Variables

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Context 1
... coded sample size, reliability estimates, and correlations between effort and other variables. We also coded several aspects of the effort measure(s) in each study, including its standing on the categories in Table 1. In addition, we coded the type (e.g., task performance vs. performance results) and source (e.g., supervisor ratings vs. records) of the outcome measures. ...
Context 2
... all of these were internal consistency reliability estimates (alpha). For studies that did not report reliability estimates, we used the median estimate based on other studies in the data set as seen in Table 1. Internal consistency reliability tends to overestimate the reliability of ratings-based criteria (and, in turn, underestimate corrected correlations) because intrarater errors typically are smaller than interrater errors (LeBreton & Senter, 2008). ...