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Some recent reports on successful transformations.

Some recent reports on successful transformations.

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Inventory on the potential import of non-authorized genetically modified ornamentals in the Netherlands RIVM Letter Report 300003004/2014 J.W.A. Scheepmaker

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... the scope of this report, in depth investigations to generate an exhaustive overview of GM modifications performed at laboratory scale is not feasible. Instead, Table 2 lists the most important modifications with a few relevant and recent references. ...
Context 2
... genetics of the flower colour has been reviewed by Tornielli et al. (2009) while the background of other modifications has been described in a book of Gerats and Strommer (2009). Tables 2, 3 and 4 shows that modifications for many different characteristics such as drought resistance, modified colour, disease resistance, modified habit, male sterility and modified scent have been successful. ...
Context 3
... successful transformations are listed in Table 2. New characteristics include a modified appearance and a modification of the floral scent. ...