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Social media data stored as four data models

Social media data stored as four data models

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Big data management aims to establish data hubs that support data in multiple models and types in an all-around way. Thus, the multi-model database system is a promising architecture for building such a multi-model data store. For an integrated data hub, a unified and flexible query language is incredibly necessary. In this paper, an extensible and...

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... use the this social media scenario as a prototype [21] to abstract the multi-model data model. As shown in Figure 5, the basic information of the user is stored as relation model, the posts posted by the user are stored as document model, the password is stored as KV database, and the social relationship between users is stored as graph model. During the experiment, the number of users, behaviors, posts, likes are 10,000 100,000 100,000 100,000. ...

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