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Schematic diagram of an air handling unit

Schematic diagram of an air handling unit

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This paper addresses the robust control of air-handling unit. Air-handling unit is a core component in a central air-conditioning system, and its dynamics are characterised by nonlinearity, uncertainty and constraint. A first-order plus time-delay model with uncertain parameters is used to describe the dynamic input-output relationship. Based on th...

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... handling unit is a mechanical device which is used to condition and circulate air in buildings [8]. Figure 1 illustrates the structure of a typical air handling unit. The main components include cooling and/or heating coils, three-port valve, air dampers, supply/return air fans, and a number of measurement tools, such as temperature, pressure and humidity and flow rate sensors. ...
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... the state vector should be constructed following the definition by Eqn. (12). At the initial step (k = 1), all the previous control increments should be set to zero and 1 k e to be equivalent to k e . ...

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